New Water Analyzer – Remote Monitoring Made Easy

The Depolox 400 M analyzer is designed to provide reliable measurements of disinfectant parameters in drinking water and industrial water applications

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The DEPOLOX 400 M analyzer is applicable in drinking and process water industries.

The analyzer can incorporate up to three well-proven measurement parameters: a disinfectant such as free or total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone or potassium permanganate, pH or fluoride and temperature. The analyzer is available with two amperometric disinfectant measurement technologies: the DEPOLOX 5 C flow cell which utilizes the fast-reacting bare electrode and the VariaSens C flow cell which incorporates the membrane-based amperometric sensor technology. It is possible to utilize the older style DEPOLOX 5 flow cell and VariaSens flow cells with the new electronics.

The DEPOLOX 400 M analyzer uses a 4-inch color touch panel for an intuitive user interface and an LED lit flow cell that can be programmed to change color in case of an alarm condition. All measurement parameters are shown on a single screen.

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