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Control by Observation Control by Observation
The staff at a small New York treatment plant takes an ingenious approach to give operators a visual assessment of trickling filter status and performance.
Worth Noting - May 2013 Up and Down Up and Down
FOG and radically different winter and tourist season flows make life challenging for the crew at the New Shoreham (R.I.) WPCF.
Working the Land Working the Land
While putting plant operations first, team members at a Tennessee treatment plant teach themselves how to apply biosolids and produce a crop.
Being Energy Neutral Being Energy Neutral
Lessons from wastewater treatment plants overseas point the way toward energy self-sufficiency for facilities in North America.
Projects & Awards - May 2013 Automatic device helps monitor clarifier sludge blankets Automatic device helps monitor clarifier sludge blankets Product News - May 2013 Product News - May 2013 Clean and Beautiful Clean and Beautiful
A treatment wetland system will enhance water quality around the Oregon community of Forest Grove, while expanding opportunities for birders and nature observers.
Power Plant: Proceed With Care When Memory Walks Away
The challenge of dealing with retirements isn’t just replacing experienced people. It’s also somehow retaining the knowledge they carry with them.
Digging for Answers Digging for Answers
The Lab Detective helps an SBR plant’s lead operator figure out why the system is struggling with nitrification and devises a remedy.
Industry News - May 2013 Industry News - May 2013 Building Better Leaders Building Better Leaders
Steven Hardeman believes newly appointed supervisors shouldn’t have to learn leadership skills through the school of hard knocks — he considers training essential.
Knowledge Preservation Knowledge Preservation
A data collection application at a Colorado plant guides operators through tasks in the field and records best practices and standard operating procedures.
Leading by Example Leading by Example
Plant contractors take community members to a neighboring facility to show them the benefits a wastewater treatment plant can have on their town.
Targeting Efficiency Targeting Efficiency
Freeport Sewer District keeps waterways clean and reduces operating costs with energy-saving treatment plant upgrades.

Originally in Water System Operator WSO: Water System Operator

Weathering the Storm Weathering the Storm
A rural Kentucky plant meets weather, staffing and quality challenges on the way to winning its AWWA section’s Award of Excellence for 2012.
Worth Noting - May 2013 Making Conservation Pay Making Conservation Pay
Albuquerque water authority finds that a $20 incentive boosts attendance for a class in outdoor water conservation and helps cut water consumption.
Light in a Tube Light in a Tube
Crossfire UV disinfection technology provides cost-effective treatment with self-cleaning capability for smaller-scale drinking water systems.
Smells Bad, Tastes Funny Smells Bad, Tastes Funny
Taste and odor are the most common sources of drinking water complaints. Here’s a look at the variety of methods available for effective treatment.
Savings Made Simple Savings Made Simple
The St. Peters water treatment plant reduced energy usage by 12 percent by upgrading to more efficient motors and variable-frequency drives.
Highly Decorated Highly Decorated
Operators at the Dalton Utilities Mill Creek plant met challenges presented by the state’s first submerged membrane plant, winning numerous awards in the process.
11 Years and Counting 11 Years and Counting
It has been a long time since a team member was injured at the E.H. Aldrich Station Water Treatment Facility. A pervasive safety culture is a primary reason.
Ultrasonic meters designed for high accuracy, long life Ultrasonic meters designed for high accuracy, long life Product News - May 2013 Product News - May 2013 Sampling and Laboratory Analysis Sampling and Laboratory Analysis Safety is Boring
Few things are more mundane than obsessing over the details of safe work practices. And that’s exactly why obsessing is so important.
Industry News - May 2013 Industry News - May 2013 In Complete Control In Complete Control
An upgraded SCADA system helps Northern Rockies Regional Municipality provide reliable and efficient services for residential and industrial water users.