Projects & Awards - May 2013

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ECOfluid USBF process in California to provide denitrification

ECOfluid Systems, USBF technology providers, has been contracted to supply a new wastewater treatment plant in Joshua Tree, Calif., to serve an expanding medical center. The system’s denitrification capability made it well-suited for California, according to Justin Hebner, sales and marketing manager. The project stipulates total nitrogen of less than 10 mg/L. Site work is in progress, and startup is scheduled for fall 2013.

Landia to install 18 energy-efficient mixers at Denmark treatment plant

Landia will install 18 energy-efficient mixers at the Daugård wastewater treatment works in Hedensted Spildevand, Denmark. New process tanks will replace six existing units in a plant improvement project. Designed for optimum efficiency, the long-bladed mixers provide flexibility to tilt to almost any angle.

Knoxville selects ACTIFLO technology for wet-weather treatment

I. Kruger, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, won a contract for the Fourth Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 1 project in Knoxville, Tenn. Kruger will furnish two 9.6 mgd ACTIFLO systems to provide high-rate clarification during wet-weather events. These will be converted to a BIOACTIFLO System by adding contact stabilization. ACTIFLO is a ballasted clarification process that combines microsand-enhanced floc formation and settling. The process was selected after pilot studies demonstrated successful performance of less than 30 mg/L effluent BOD5 and TSS. The process is to go online by summer of 2013.

Ostara to install commercial nutrient recovery facility in Gwinnett County, Ga.

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies won a contract with the Gwinnett County (Ga.) Department of Water Resources to install a nutrient recovery facility at the F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center. The company’s Pearl process will help the county meet nutrient recovery and struvite scaling challenges and increasing operating efficiency. The technology recovers magnesium, phosphorus and ammonia from wastewater and converts them to environmentally friendly, slow-release Crystal Green fertilizer. The plant will also deploy the Ostara WASSTRIP process, which extracts phosphorus from sludge before it reaches the digesters, reducing struvite formation in the centrifuges, digested biosolids pipelines and digesters, and increases nutrient recovery by 60 percent.

McGill Environmental to open organics recycling facility in South Carolina

McGill Environmental Systems of N.C. will open its seventh organics recycling facility by the end of 2013 in Berkeley County, S.C. The indoor compost manufacturing plant will be built on the site of the County Water and Sanitation Department’s yard waste operation. The facility will process biodegradable materials from municipal, commercial and industrial generators to produce compost products for the professional sports turf, landscaping and stormwater/erosion control markets. The facility will be fully enclosed and will use an enhanced composting process based on an aerated static pile method, augmented with computerized controls and a biofiltration system.


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