Metering Pump Provides Smooth, Quiet, Accurate Performance

Metering Pump Provides Smooth, Quiet, Accurate Performance
Chem-Pro C2 from Blue-White Industries

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The Chem-Pro model C2 diaphragm metering pump from Blue-White Industries provides accurate dispensing of chlorine, alum, sulfuric acid and other liquid feeds in pressurized water systems.

A gear-motor drive pushes and pulls the diaphragm in a nonstop motion, enabling extremely quiet operation, according to Bill McDowell, sales engineer. Output is regulated by a DC motor with speed control, providing accurate metering across the full output range. Full-stroke operation at all output rates facilitates priming.

“We use highly corrosion-resistant polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) as the standard material in the pump head and pump head valve system,” McDowell says. “Because the system is springless, there no metal in the fluid path. The result is an extremely corrosion-resistant head and wet end system, with reliable priming and very accurate metering.”

The pump can operate on any of five optional communications protocols, including serial connections and much faster industrial ethernet connections. The pump also has a remote start/stop, optional 4-20mA output, upgradeable firmware, and single-piece junction box.

It has a maximum feed rate of 20.3 gallons per hour, a maximum working pressure of 175 psi, and a maximum speed of 166 strokes per minute.

Other features include double ball valves, a built-in priming/degassing valve, built-in diaphragm failure detection system for leak detection, and a NEMA 4X housing. 714/893-8529;


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