Product News - June 2013

Product News - June 2013
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Bel-Art test tube rack

The Scienceware Switch-Grid test tube rack from Bel-Art Products stores up to two sizes of tubes at the same time with 25 possible tube size combinations in one rack. Each rack is divided into two sides enabling the same or different size tube grids to be used on each side. The removable grids are available in five color-coded sizes to fit tubes from 10 to 30 mm. 800/423-5278;

Industrial Scientific Tango gas monitor

The Tango TX1 single gas monitor from Industrial Scientific detects carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Features include DualSense technology for increased worker safety regardless of bump test frequency. The monitor is powered by one replaceable 2/3 AA lithium battery for up to three years of continuous operation. 800/338-3287;

Hayward Flow Control pneumatic actuators

The GF-PP (glass-filled polypropylene) PMD4/PMS4 series of pneumatic actuators from Hayward Flow Control feature a corrosion-resistant housing and are available in several sizes for use with Hayward ball valves up through 6 inches and butterfly valves through 4 inches. Available in double-acting and spring-return designs, the PMD4 actuator has a torque range at 80 psi of 125 inch-lbs to 500 inch-lbs. The PMS4 actuator has a range of 44 inch-lbs to 230 inch-lbs. All sizes have NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845 mounting for solenoids and ISO5211 mounting base. 888/429-4635;

InduSoft SCADA visualization app

The SCADA visualization app for Windows 8 and Windows RT from InduSoft provides mobile access to SCADA information from a variety of mobile access stations, including iPhones, tablets and laptops. 877/463-8763;

GMI 5-way gas detector charger

The PS200 5-way charger from GMI (Gas Measurement Instruments) holds up to five portable gas detectors. It can be placed on flat ground or mounted to a wall. Features include a universal power supply and short circuit protection. Maximum charge time is less than four hours. 713/  559-9290;

Force Flow polymer feed monitor

The Tote Bin Scale polymer feed monitor from Force Flow enables operators to monitor the amount of polymer being fed from IBC type totes for dewatering. The unit remotely monitors from SCADA via 4-20mA or RS485 signals. Day tank and drum scales are available for other polymer tank styles. 800/893-6723;

Grundfos high-efficiency circulator pump

The MAGNA3 high-efficiency circulator pump from Grundfos Pumps, designed for commercial hydronic applications, cuts power consumption by 85 percent through its AutoAdapt function that automatically and continuously adjusts circular performance and FlowAdapt control mode that reduces the need for pump throttling valves. Other features include a carbon fiber reinforced composite rotor can that seals fluid from the stator motor, differential pressure sensor, constant temperature mode, on-pump TFT display and rotating power head. The pump handles temperatures down to 15 degrees F and has a maximum head of approximately 60 feet and maximum flow of approximately 570 gpm. 800/921-7867;

Bilco automatic fire vent

The Lumivent automatic fire vent from The Bilco Co. features multi-wall polycarbonate covers that provide natural daylighting and pitched cover design to meet UL 793 and 2012 IBC 2610.3 building code requirements. The sloped design encourages burning embers to roll off the covers rather than burn through. 203/934-6363;

CAIG barrier hand lotion

Hand-E-Glove barrier hand lotion from CAIG Laboratories is applied before beginning tasks for soap-and-water cleanup and keeps skin from drying and cracking when applied under work gloves. 858/486-8388;

Hoyt power and energy meter

The Watt Dog power and energy meter from Hoyt Monitor Technologies features a touch-screen graphical display and is available with USB and Ethernet interface, WattVIEW or WattVIEW Reporter software package and custom-configured drivers. The meter, upon demand, downloads measured results for reporting and analysis. The primary screen provides energy, power and dollar information. Secondary screens can be tailored to display historic data, demand energy profiles or any measured parameter. 800/258-3652;

Hammond polycarbonate enclosures

The PCJ Series of polycarbonate enclosures from Hammond Manufacturing Co. are designed for installations where NEMA 4X (IP66) environmental sealing for dust and water is required. The screw-down cover versions meet NEMA 6P sealing requirements. Sizes range from 5.93 by 6.16 by 4.91 inches to 13.94 by 12.16 by 10.82 inches. The basic enclosure is available in 80 different configurations. 519/822-2960;

Blue-White diaphragm metering pump

The Chem-Pro 2 diaphragm metering pump from Blue-White Industries has a remote start/stop, optional 4-20mA output, upgradable firmware, single-piece junction box, maximum feed rate of 20.3 gph, maximum pressure of 175 psi and 166 rpm maximum strokes per minute. Other features include double ball valves, built-in priming/degassing valve, built-in diaphragm failure detection system for leak detection and NEMA 4X housing. 714/893-8529;

Hach WIMS version 7.4

Water Information Management Solution version 7.4 from Hach is designed for water and wastewater utilities. The software platform provides enhancements for Windows 8 and iPad touch-screen use, one-click reports and additional electronic reporting capabilities. Reports include Hach SCADA cross reference, LIMS cross reference, data change and compliance status. 800/368-2723;

Kaeser Com-pak blowers

Model BBC and FBC Com-pak blowers from Kaeser Compressors cover 3 to 175 hp and are designed, built and tested to meet international and domestic performance and safety standards. Units are available in both STC (wye-delta start) and OFC (variable-frequency drive) versions. Other features include Sigma Control 2 with Omega Control software. 877/596-7138;

Promation Engineering linear actuators

PL Series electric linear actuators from Promation Engineering provide up to 4,400 pounds of force and up to 3.9 inches of travel. Features include field-selectable travel stops, on/off/floating/proportional control, customizable mounting system, manual override and standard voltages. The actuators are compatible with 24VAC, 24VDC, 120VAC and 230VAC power supplies. 352/544-8436;

RIDGID ABS, foam-core PVC pipe cutters

FC-Cutters from RIDGID are designed to cut ABS and foam-core PVC pipe. Available in two options for cutting 1 1/2- and 2-inch-diameter pipe, the cutters feature an extended handle for leverage and one-rotation cuts that don’t leave burrs. 800/769-7743;

Siemon angled HD patch panel

Angled HD patch panels from Siemon are available in 24- and 48-port versions in both Category 5e and Category 6. Features include a write-on area for panel and port identification on both the front and rear of the panel, as well as a front surface uninterrupted by screw heads. Category 5e panels use S110 termination modules and Category 6 panels use S310 termination modules with pyramid wire entry. 860/945-4200;

Spire portable Btu meter

The Regal Series RH40 portable ultrasonic Btu meter from Spire Metering Technology, formerly Shenitech, is designed to deliver non-intrusive Btu and flow measurement across an array of pipe sizes and various liquids in heating/cooling applications. The 1-pound, hand-held meter uses clamp-on sensors to measure flow, temperature and heat energy/Btu consumption on pipes from 0.5 to 120 inches in diameter. 888/738-0188;

Fortrans gas infusion aerator

The Dif-Jet gas infusion aeration device from Fortrans infuses oxygen from air or pure oxygen into wastewater, achieving 90 to 95 percent dissolved oxygen. Typically, no filters are required prior to infusion. The device reduces chemical oxygen demand and biological demand levels and eliminates COD and BOD surcharges from municipal wastewater treatment plants. The scalable device can be incorporated into existing treatment systems and is available in PVC and stainless steel designs. 866/958-7267;

TB Wood’s online coupling selector

The Sure-Flex and Dura-Flex online coupling selector from TB Wood’s, available at, enables users to select the correct coupling for a specific application. Sure-Flex couplings utilize a rubber (EPDM), neoprene or Hytrel sleeve. Four-way flexing action absorbs shock, misalignment and end float. 717/267-2900;

Neptune diaphragm metering pump

The Series 7000 mechanically actuated diaphragm metering pump from the Neptune Chemical Pump Co. is designed for challenging water and wastewater applications. The pump eliminates the use of contour plates on the liquid side of the diaphragm, while the straight-through valve and head design allows for improved flow. The self-priming pump has a maximum capacity of 300 gph at 150 psi. 215/699-8700;

Russelectric power control systems

On-site power control systems from Russelectric are equipped with dual PLC controls for automatic generator set starting and stopping, status and alarm annunciation, synchronizing and priority load control. A primary PLC control system operation with a backup PLC running the same program as the primary. If the primary fails, the backup PLC assumes operational control. If both PLCs were to fail, a manual control allows operating personnel to synchronize and parallel the generators onto the bus, as well as to add and shed load. 800/225-5250;

Oldham fixed gas monitor

The iTrans fixed gas monitor from Oldham, an Industrial Scientific company, is compatible with WX and MX43 Series controllers. Features include an intelligent electronics platform providing one or two points of detection from a single head. Other features include non-intrusive calibration, LED displays, pr ogrammable alarms and onboard sensor life indicators. 800/338-3287;

Flygt 2600 drainage pump

The 2600 drainage pump series from Flygt, a Xylem Brand, is available in four models, ranging from 4 to 18 kW. Designed for water removal in harsh dewatering conditions, the pumps feature Xylem’s DuraSpin hydraulic system, Hard-Iron impeller and plug-in cartridge seal. 704/409-9700;

Patlite LED worklights

CLK Series LED worklights from Patlite feature micro-array lens technology for even light distribution and up to 2,100 lux. The lights maintain at least 70 percent of initial brightness for 60,000 hours of operation and have a slim profile aluminum or stainless steel body that resists water, oil and chemicals. 888/214-2580;

Sensorex fluid monitor sensors

CS615 conductivity sensors from Sensorex Corp. monitor process fluids for changes. Made of 316 stainless steel, the sensor withstands cleaning in place and steam sterilization processes up to 266 degrees F. Two models are available for 1- to 1.5-inch and 2-inch tri clamp flanges. Both sizes come with optional automatic temperature compensation. 714/895-4344;

Pepperl+Fuchs surge protection barriers

M-LB Series surge protection barriers from Pepperl+Fuchs fit various configurations and protect 115/230-volt main power supplies against power surges. The pluggable and pre-wired protection modules can be mounted on DIN rails and feature front-side indicators that deliver at-a-glance operating state and error message outputs for quick and easy maintenance. The units are hot-swappable for in-the-field replacement without tools. 330/486-0002;

TorcUP industrial torque wrench

The Slimline Ratchet Link industrial torque wrench by TorcUP has a torque range of 395 ft-lbs to 3,950 ft-lbs for use on fasteners from 1 to 3 1/8 inches. The wrench fits in areas less than 1 inch wide. Powered by an electrically or pneumatically driven hydraulic pump, torque can be applied by one operator. 610/250-5800;

SEEwater adjustable pump control

The piggyback sewage and sump pump control from SEEwater has an adjustable pump run time switch for use in general dewatering, wastewater, sewage and confined space pumping applications. The control has a pump range of 10 seconds to hours. It can be used with a SEEwater WS Series control panel or as a stand-alone control. 888/733-9283;

Wilden air-operated, double-diaphragm pump

Air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps from Wilden, available in metal (die-cast aluminum, stainless steel and alloy C) or plastic (polypropylene and PVDF), feature leak-free bolted construction for transferring fluids containing particulates or abrasive compounds. Pump sizes range from 1/4 to 3 inches, flow rates range from 4.4 to 264 gpm, and solids-handling ranges from 1/16 inch to 2 inches. 909/422-1730;

Omega hand-held dip strip photometers

The lightweight HHWT-13 series of hand-held dip strip photometers from Omega Engineering are CE-compliant and use a 4 mL water sample. Designed for monitoring pH, features include three-button control, 140-test memory and automatic countdown test time. 800/826-6342;

Larson flexible UV light stand

The WALCO4X24LED-UV portable ultraviolet LED light stand from Larson Electronics, equipped with wheels and dolly-style frame, features a series of flexible arms that can position each UV LED light head in multiple angles, heights and distances from the object being cured. The UV light head can reach up to 7 feet. The entire assembly can collapse to 4.5 feet for storage. The UV light cart has a 90-amp hour SLA battery, providing five hours of continuous operation on a single charge. 800/369-6671;

WALCHEM hand-held fluorometer

The Turner Designs Opti-Check fluorometer from Walchem, IWAKI America, ensures accurate calibration of the Little Dipper online fluorometer that measures and controls the concentration of scale or corrosion inhibitors in cooling tower and boiler applications. Available in PTSA and PTSA/Fluorescein versions, the hand-held meter features a watertight (IP 67) package and sensitivity to less than 1 ppb of fluorescent dye. 508/429-1110;

Palmer Wahl industrial thermometer

The Digi-Stem DST400 industrial thermocouple thermometer from Palmer Wahl is vibration-resistant and compatible with K, J, T, E or S thermocouples for use in temperatures from -40 to 3,200 degrees F. The thermometers are available with rigid, remote or All-Angle probes. 800/421-2853;


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