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Safe, Efficient, Compliant Safe, Efficient, Compliant
A small but savvy team at the Kill Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant sets an example with training, energy savings and biosolids process innovation.
Worth Noting - June 2013 Food Friendly Food Friendly
The team in Grandview, Wash., caters to a large food processing industry, while a flexible process helps the plant contribute to wildlife habitat enrichment.
Attitude of Excellence Attitude of Excellence
Health and safety improvements allow the Fort Knox treatment plant to achieve coveted Star status in Kentucky’s Voluntary Protection Program.
Nitrogen Removal at Bargain Cost Nitrogen Removal at Bargain Cost
Effective use of data helps treatment plants in Amherst, Mass., and other communities take out nutrients without costly facility upgrades.
Biological Air Treater (BAT) attacks plant odors Biological Air Treater (BAT) attacks plant odors Product News - June 2013 Product News - June 2013 Odor Control and Disinfection Odor Control and Disinfection Bye-Bye Bad Old Days Bye-Bye Bad Old Days
A riverfront sign tells paddlers passing the Holly Advanced Tertiary Treatment Plant about remarkable progress in pollution control.
Where Will We Go With Training? Where Will We Go With Training?
A certified trainer offers perspectives on training budgets, online versus classroom training, licensing reciprocity, standardized basic exams, and other relevant topics.
Message Getting Through?
There’s growing recognition that nondispersible wipes are a problem. And there’s a growing base of information to help clean-water agencies communicate solutions.
Industry News - June 2013 Starting Anew Starting Anew
Green Bay’s clean-water agency launches a new identity to foster more positive public perceptions and reflect a growing role in resource protection.
Odor Under Cover Odor Under Cover
Custom-engineered aluminum sedimentation tank lids help Thames Water achieve effective odor control at its wastewater treatment plant in Beckton, UK.
Learning Lasts All Year Learning Lasts All Year
A kids’ calendar helps the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office get students interested in keeping water clean.
It Adds Up It Adds Up
Combined heat and power and a host of other energy innovations mean $750,000 in documented savings — so far.
Odor Control and Disinfection Odor Control and Disinfection

Originally in Water System Operator WSO: Water System Operator

Moving to Ozone Moving to Ozone
The second largest water treatment plant in the U.S. changes disinfection methods, creating challenges for operators, solved by intensive training and teamwork.
Worth Noting - June 2013 School of Water School of Water
The Phoenix suburb of Peoria invites residents to study the value of water, how to conserve it, and how to use it to beautify desert landscapes.
Ice Out Ice Out
Active mixing technology offers reliable prevention for water tank freezing without high energy costs for heating.
Keeping it Local Keeping it Local
El Paso delays expensive water importation by making water-saving, energy-reducing changes to its distribution and treatment systems.
Clean and Pure Clean and Pure
Immaculate conditions inside the Jackie C. Hays water plant foretell the dedication of the operating staff and the high-quality water they produce.
Home Grown Home Grown
Family and community help David Ricker succeed in his role as chief operator at the water treatment plant in Greeneville, Tenn.
Metering Pump Provides Smooth, Quiet, Accurate Performance Metering Pump Provides Smooth, Quiet, Accurate Performance Product News - June 2013 Product News - June 2013 Membrane Technology Membrane Technology The Conservation Paradox
Saving water by stopping leaks is one thing. Saving water on the other side of the customer meter is quite another. What are your thoughts on dealing with this issue?
Industry News - June 2013 Industry News - June 2013 Find other useful and timely information at Membrane Technology Membrane Technology Going Dry Going Dry
A chlorine scrubber retrofit gives a Washington water treatment plant a safe and effective emergency system.