Membrane Technology

Membrane Technology
Reverse osmosis treatment

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  Reverse osmosis treatment

The model ADRO5-1L-6H treatment system from AdEdge Water Technologies removes arsenic and TDS using a skid-mounted reverse osmosis (RO) unit sized for a maximum design flow. An anti-scalant is injected to prevent membrane clogging. Water then flows into a sediment filter before reaching the RO system, consisting of six 5- by 40-inch membranes stacked six high. The filtrate flows to a 3,000-gallon storage tank. A fully integrated control panel automates system functions. 866/223-3343;

  Zero-break fiber membrane

The Aqua UltraFiltration membrane system from Aqua-Aerobic Systems offers a compact, T-rack design, zero-break fibers and no air scouring. The multibore fibers are made of polyethersulphone with seven capillaries per fiber for strength. The alternating top and bottom feed and inside-out flow provides uniform filtrate and backwash flows to minimize plugging, chemical usage, and cleaning frequency for longer membrane life. The membranes can be cleaned with caustic instead of chlorine. Smaller and uniform membrane pores provide 6 log removal for bacteria and 4 log for viruses. 800/940-5008;

  Ultrafiltration membrane

Q-SEP from QUA Group is an advanced ultrafiltration membrane prepared by the cloud precipitation method to ensure uniform pore size distribution. It uses hollow fibers of high-strength, low-fouling hydrophilic polyethersulfone, operating under pressurized inside-out flow. Units can be used in a dead-end filtration or cross-flow mode. They are available with a 0.03-inch capillary to treat feedwater with low turbidity and a 0.047-inch capillary for high turbidity water. Tests confirmed greater than 6 log removal of bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium. 877/782-7558;

  Hollow-fiber ultrafiltration

The TARGA II hollow-fiber ultrafiltration system from Koch Membrane Systems fits drinking water, RO pretreatment, tertiary wastewater treat­ment and other applications. Designed with the Safe Drinking Water Act and World Health Organization guidelines for drinking water in mind, it provides greater than 4 log removal of bacteria, viruses, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Fibers have smooth inner core morphology and small pore size, allowing pathogens to be trapped and swept away. 888/677-5624;

  Ultrafiltration system

The Xtream Ultrafiltration system from Kruger USA provides a modular, compact solution for efficiently producing drinking water from surface water and groundwater. It includes the widely used Dow UF membrane. The hollow fibers have a dense layer on the inside and outside surfaces, forming a double-walled structure that is durable and resistant to breakage. Fouling resistance with membrane surface that is more hydrophilic than the underlying PVDF polymer. 919/677-8310;

  Membrane contactors

Liqui-Cel membrane contactors from Membrana-Charlotte control dissolved gases in water. They remove entrained air from drinking water to control corrosion and improve carrying capacity without causing cloudiness. They can also be used to remove TOC and VOCs. Removal of entrained air allows water to be pumped directly through the membrane contactor without breaking head, eliminating a basin or clearwell and repumping. The compact size and modular design allow the system to be housed in a simple building with a concrete floor, reducing capital cost. 704/587-8888;

  Membrane module system

The Seaflex 55P membrane module UF pretreatment system from Pentair X-Flow operates in-line with RO systems, offering high recovery with the use of brine for backwashing. The robust, corrosion-resistant UF membrane module for seawater pretreatment provides a single-barrier solution to produce high-quality RO feedwater. This reduces the physical plant footprint and lowers energy consumption. Each membrane module is encased in a housing, enabling in-line use at elevated pressures. 815/986-0391;

  Ultrafiltration package

The AltaPac ultrafiltration package system from WesTech Engineering is designed as an economical treatment system that is easy to install and use. This system can process flows up to 100 gpm on surface water and 180 gpm on groundwater. It can be upgraded by installing an additional module and changing the flow setpoint. Systems are fully functional, self-contained skids with all the attributes of the company’s full-scale AltaFilter, including automated operation and daily integrity tests. 801/265-1000;


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