Odor Control and Disinfection

Odor Control and Disinfection
UV Disinfection System

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  UV Disinfection System

The Aquionics InLine+ series of UV disinfection systems use highly efficient medium-pressure lamps, allowing for a small footprint and low maintenance. The system suits tight-fitting spaces without building construction or major structure modifications. It covers a wide range of water qualities needs for smaller facilities up to those with flows of several hundred million gallons per day. It comes with DVGW sensors, automatic wiping system (chemical option available), and variable power ballasts that ensure only the power required for disinfection is consumed. 859/341-0710; www.aquionics.com.

  Vapor Phase Delivery System

Ecosorb vapor phase delivery systems from OMI Industries provide an environmentally friendly option for delivery of odor control products in dry mist form. They are simple to install, operate and maintain and require no nozzle maintenance, water, mixing or dilution. The technology uses a blend of natural ingredients to eliminate industrial odors without chemicals or masking fragrances. A programmable logic controller-based touch screen lets users set auto sequence startup, see real-time airflow rates, and control liquid flow. An alarm panel alerts users to issues such as low fluid and pressure levels. Options include a wind direction optimizer, remote access and control options, freeze protection for outdoor installations, and alternate voltage. 800/662-6367; www.omi-industries.com.

  Fixed-Film Aerator

The Bio-Wheel fixed-film aerator from H2O Innovation is an alternative to blowers for activated sludge processes. Air is trapped within the wheel plates and slowly released as the wheel turns. The wheel also provides surface area for fixed-film growth to promote the proliferation of high SRT bacteria on the film. The result is a low-energy, versatile integrated fixed-film/activated sludge (IFAS) process that can be used for greenfield or retrofit applications. The suspended growth allows operational flexibility through the adjustment of mixed liquor suspended solids concentrations, while fixed film protects the biomass from shock loads and facilitates removal of difficult-to-degrade compounds while reducing sludge production. 888/688-0170; www.h2oinnovation.com.

  Bagging system

The Longofill continuous bag system by Paxxo can connect to the discharge point of machines used to move, dewater or compact screenings and grit, which are then deposited in a continuous bag for odor containment and spillage control. The cassette is easy to seal, and the material and odors are trapped inside, reducing environmental and health issues and curtailing development of bacteria and fungus spores. 770/502-0055; www.paxxo.com.

  Metering Pump

The Pulsafeeder manual-control metering pump from Cole-Parmer offers reliable metering with guided dual check valves for precise seating and priming and suction lift. It is water-resistant and can be installed outdoors. It offers an adjustable stroke rate and length, reliable timing circuits, and circuit protection from voltage and current upsets. Leak-free bleed valves provide safe and easy priming. 800/323-4340; www.coleparmer.com.

  Ceramic Diffusers

Modular diffusers from Diffused Gas Technologies include a ceramic matrix and ozone-compatible gasketing. They use aluminum oxide ceramic matrixes fused at ultra-high temperatures and are nested in bases fabricated of #316 stainless steel. To assure proper sealing between parts made from different materials, gaskets such as Hypalon, Viton, or PTFE are used. They use a standard 3/4-inch male connection. 513/934-4418; www.diffusedgas.com.

  Chlorine and Sodium Hypochlorite Plant

The Klorigen chlorine and sodium hypochlorite plant from Electrolytic Technologies Corp. provides production rates from 150 to 40,000 pounds per day of chlorine as gas or bleach. It uses NSF/ANSI Standard 61 materials. The sodium hypochlorite generated has low chlorate levels and meets NSF/ANSI Standard 60 requirements. Nearly the entire system is shop-fabricated to allow pre-testing before shipment. Systems last more than five years and do not require acid cleaning. 305/655-2755; www.electrolytictechnologies.com.

  Closed-Vessel UV System

The 800-watt Amalgam system from Engineered Treatment Systems uses an 800-watt UV disinfection lamp to prevent the growth of algae. The system uses advanced wipers to keep the optical path free from fouling. Validated UV sensors provide real-time dose level feedback. Hatches allow access to the chamber for annual maintenance. 877/885-4628; www.ETS-UV.com.

  Biotrickling Filters

The EcoFilter line of biotrickling filters from BioAir Solutions can remove more than 99.9 percent of hydrogen sulfide and more than 95 percent of total odors from collection system and wastewater treatment plant air streams. They provide process control over the critical factors of moisture content, pH and nutrients while using no hazardous chemicals or consumables. They incorporate the company’s EcoBase structured synthetic media, which delivers consistent performance across the media bed throughout the system’s 20-plus-year lifespan. 856/258-6969; www.bioairsolutions.com.

  Supersaturated Dissolved Oxygen System

The SDOX-CS supersaturated dissolved oxygen system from BlueInGreen delivers dissolved oxygen within the gravity sewer or force main. The two key design parameters are oxygen uptake rate and oxygen requirements for sulfide oxidation. The system can eliminate odors in pressurized full-flow pipelines and in gravity sewers. H2S elimination also mitigates corrosion. The system can replace chemicals and their downstream byproducts. 479/527-6378; www.blueingreen.com.

  Wastewater Disinfection System

The PTG X-500 from Pasteurization Technology Group combines sustainable wastewater disinfection with renewable energy generation. The integrated system can use biogas, biomass or natural gas to power a turbine or engine that generates electricity. The exhaust air is passed through a waste heat recovery unit that increases the temperature to disinfect the wastewater. Intelligent software optimizes energy usage. The system uses no toxic chemicals, electricity or UV lamps. 510/357-0562; www.pastechgroup.com.

  Smart UV System

The TAK 55 Smart UV system from WEDECO – a Xylem Brand, makes the disinfection of low wastewater flows easy and cost-effective without any compromise in quality or flexibility. Equipped with ECORAY low-pressure high-intensity (Lo-Hi) UV lamps and ballasts, the system provides reliable performance while minimizing energy consumption. The system has been extensively tested in line with the recently published IUVA protocol for the disinfection of secondary treated effluents. It even meets the most stringent validation requirements as outlined in the US EPA UVDGM 2006. 704/409-9700; www.wedeco.com/us.

  Micro Carbon Odor Reducer

BIO ENERGIZER from Probiotic Solutions is a micro carbon complex used in municipal and industrial systems to reduce sludge, odor, BOD/COD, FOG, operational upsets, and costs in treatment plants and lagoons. It biochemically oxidizes sludge in wastewater and reduces the lagoon sludge blanket without draining, drying, dredging, handling or hauling. When used in activated sludge plants, it increases volatile solids destruction and improves decant volume and settleability, enhancing digester and reactor capacity. 800/961-1220; www.probiotic.com.

  Carbon pressure filter

Granular activated carbon (GAC) pressure filters from WesTech Engineering are an effective means for removal of low-molecular-weight contaminants from aqueous solutions. They are suited for the removal of dissolved organic compounds responsible for poor taste and odor in drinking water, as well as removal of chlorine from industrial waters. They utilize a pressure vessel, typically with a conical underdrain for convenient GAC media replacement. They are sized according to the contact time required for contaminant removal and desired media replacement frequency. 801/265-1000; www.westech-inc.com.

  Peracetic Acid Microbiocide

Proxitane WW-12 Peracetic Acid (PAA) microbiocide from Solvay Chemicals provides biological control in municipal wastewaters. An alternative to halogenated disinfectants, it does not generate disinfection byproducts even if overdosed. It can be retrofitted to or work in series with existing disinfection systems. Tests show initial fecal coliform counts reduced tenfold within the first 8 to 10 minutes of estimated residence time after contact. All PAA was consumed before discharge, demonstrating lack of persistence. 800/765-8292; www.solvaychemicals.us.

  Replacement UV Lamps

UV Superstore offers direct replacement UV lamps for most disinfection systems in wastewater treatment plants. The lamps meet or exceed OEM specifications. 770/307-3882; www.uvsuperstore.com.

  Sludge-Eating Bacteria

Sludge Eater from Misty Mountain is a blend of organic waste-eating bacteria and barley that helps control green water and string debris. It includes heterotrophic/heterogeny enzyme-producing bacteria blended for heavy organic loads and can be used in many  applications. It is non-toxic and non-pathogenic and feeds on decomposing organic matter. The barley naturally controls string debris and allows the bacteria to further decompose it. 800/493-0564; www.mistymountainkoi.com.


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