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Hach Introduces Pocket pH Meters

H-Series miniLab pocket pH meters from Hach Co. feature a non-glass silicon chip sensor that provides readings in seconds. It requires no filling solutions and stores dry for easy maintenance. Three different models are available, providing 1-, 2- or 3-point calibration, temperature display and pH resolution up to 0.01. 800/227-4224;

Fluidyne Offers ISAM Sludge Reduction

The ISAM sludge reduction system from Fluidyne Corp. incorporates a constant-level anaerobic basin followed by a surge/anoxic/mix (SAM) tank, and an aeration basin that incorporates BOD, TSS and nitrogen removal along with sludge reduction in an integrated system. Complex organic solids undergo hydrolysis to simpler soluble organics, which pass to the SAM tank. In addition to flow regulation, the SAM tank provides an anoxic environment for rapid denitrification of recycled nitrates and concurrent stabilization of the soluble organics from the I-Tank. The conditioned mixed liquor then passes to the final aerobic tank for completion of BOD and nitrogen removal and solids separation. 312/266-9967;


The high-oxygen transfer of the TWISTER low-speed aerator from AEROMIX Inc. makes it useful for high-oxygen-demand biological treatment applications. Designed for long-term continuous operation, the unit uses a composite material in its hydrodynamically efficient rotor. The rotor is molded to optimize the spray of water droplets, resulting in high-oxygen transfer rates. Models are available from 2 to 150 hp. 763/746-9294;

Longwatch Releases V5.1 Video Surveillance System

The Version 5.1 video surveillance system from Longwatch Inc. is available in three platforms, eliminating the need for custom programming and creating a “fast track” for integration with a process control, HMI/SCADA or automation control system. The console recorder platform monitors what operators are watching on HMI displays and records their keystroke action, revealing what operators saw on the screen during an “event” and what they did about it. The video historian platform automatically links and synchronizes historical trend information and stored video from multiple cameras in the field or process, enabling the operator to see what happened when various trend conditions occurred. The surveillance platform eliminates blind spots in video surveillance. Event messages automatically contain video snippets that show what happened before, during and after an event to help reduce false alarms. 781/255-7400;

SEL Offers Satellite-Synchronized Clock Display

The SEL-9929 satellite-synchronized clock display kit from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories Inc. includes the SEL-2401 satellite-synchronized clock, SEL-3401 digital clock display, GPS antenna and all cables. Accurate to plus or minus 100 nanoseconds, the clock generates IRIG-B standard time synchronization code, communicating the time to a digital clock display, featuring 3-inch LED digits for hours, minutes and seconds that is readable up to 200 feet. Multiple clock displays can be connected to cover a wide area. 509/332-1890;

Krohne Introduces Optiswirl 4070 Flowmeter

The Optiswirl 4070 C flowmeter from Krohne Inc. combines a vortex flow sensor with built-in temperature compensation and optional integrated pressure in a two-wire configuration. The meter is designed to deliver accurate measurement of standard volumetric and mass flow of conductive and non-conductive liquids, gases and vapors. It features a non-wearing, fully welded stainless steel structure that is resistant to corrosion, high pressures and temperatures. It also features an Intelligent Signal Processing System that allows for stable flow readings while eliminating noise and spurious frequencies. 800/356-9464; www.krohne. com/northamerica.

Forsta Introduces Low Pressure Filters

The Low Pressure Series of self-cleaning water filters from Forsta Filters range from 2 to 30 inches with flow rates to 20,000 gpm in a single housing. The filters can be backwashed with line pressure as low as 15 psi. Featuring Green-Clean technology, the point-of-suction backwash takes less than 16 seconds and uses less than 1 percent of the total flow per backwash without interrupting the main flow. Filters are available in stainless steel, carbon steel with epoxy coating or duplex stainless. 888/936-7782;

Best Controls Introduces PC 4000 Controller

The PC 4000 controller from Best Controls is a dedicated controller for pressure control applications using variable-frequency drives. Features include 1 to 4 pump configuration, P.I.D. control, 0-200 psi pressure transmitter, graphic screen display with backlighting, automatic alteration, password protection and serial communication. 800/349-1905;

AceOps Offers PowerPoint-Based Testing Programs

Endless Math and Easy Test PowerPoint-based testing programs for wastewater operators from the Alliance of Certified Operators, Laboratory Analysts and Specialists (AceOps) feature multiple-choice and some true-and-false questions. Questions are randomly displayed. Individuals can choose the number of questions they would like to try and can exit the program at any time. Score is kept but not recorded. Some questions have references based on WEF manuals and the California State manuals. Some questions have video, graphics and PDF files attached. A computer with CD player and PowerPoint 2003 or 2007 is required to run the program. 515/255-4580;

ECD Offers CDA-22 Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer

The CDA-22 chlorine dioxide analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices Inc. features a panel-mounted plumb-and-play design and automatic flow control in a low-maintenance complete measurement system. The unit is designed to measure chlorine dioxide in concentrations ranging from 0.05-20 ppm. It incorporates a CIO2 sensor, automated flow control device and analyzer/controller mounted on a PVC panel and can run up to one year between electrolyte/membrane changes. 800/729-1333;

FCI Offers ST51 Flowmeter

The ST51 flowmeter from Fluid Components Inc. is designed for the measurement of methane (CH4) and other combustible greenhouse gases. The explosion-proof device requires virtually no maintenance and features no moving parts. The flow element, for 2- to 24-inch diameter lines, is made with a 316L stainless steel body and Hastelloy C-22 thermowell sensors to resist corrosion and includes built-in temperature compensation circuitry. It operates at temperatures from 0 to 250 degrees F and can withstand pressures up to 500 psig. 800/854-1993;

ATI Introduces Gas Sensor for Wet Odor Control Scrubbers

The Model Q45S gas sensor from Analytical Technology Inc. is designed to continuously measure hydrogen sulfide in the wet atmosphere of scrubbers using hypochlorite solution to remove odorous H2S from air streams. Measurements can be made as high as 200 ppm and as low as 0.5 ppm. The sensor provides both alarm relays and an isolated 4-20 mA signal for control. 800/959-0299;

Schneider Introduces Small Panel HMIs

Magelis STO and STU small panel human machine interfaces (HMI) from Schneider Electric offer data logging, USB port application download and remote Web access. The STO has a 3.4-inch widescreen with 200 x 80 pixels of resolution and two versions of a monochrome screen. The screens are either green/orange/red backlight or white/pink/red backlight, designed to be visible to the operator at a distance. The STO also features serial, mini USB and USB Type A ports. The STU can send e-mails and offers access via the Internet with embedded Web pages. It also offers serial port and Ethernet connectivity, as well as a 3.5-inch full-color graphic touchscreen with QVGA and TFT 65,536 colors. 919/334-7375;

Quality Control Offers AS Sampler

The AS Series of wastewater samplers from Quality Control Equipment Co. can be placed indoors or outdoors in temperatures from -20 degrees to 122 degrees F without a separate enclosure. The sampler has a UV-protected, molded cabinet with more than 2 inches of PIR insulation and thermal reflective wrapping. The CVE-07 version provides pulse or time-actuated samples in composite containers up to 20 liters. The self-calibrating version is fully programmable and repeatable to plus or minus 4 ml per sample. The sampler is capable of pulling heads to 28 feet and horizontal runs to 200 feet. It also comes in a dual-control version that can pull samples from two locations up to 300 feet apart. 515/266-2268;

ROTEX Offers GRADEX 2000 Particle Size Analyzer

The GRADEX 2000 particle size analyzer from ROTEX Global LLC is a PC-controlled device designed to improve efficiency and accuracy of quality control programs by providing fully automatic sieve analysis in the lab or plant floor. Up to seven test samples can be initiated with a single keystroke. Full automation also allows for closer control of raw material receipts, materials in process and finished products. 800/453-2321;

R+W America Offers ST2 Torque Limiter

The ST2 series high-capacity torque limiter with integral flex coupling from R+W America makes use of a vibration damping jaw-type coupling in conjunction with a resettable torque limit function. After reaching the preset disengagement value (from 738 to 118,000 ft/lbs) the coupling fully disengages and freely rotates over a high-strength internal bearing until the machine shuts down, helping avoid damage to gearboxes and shafts due to overload. Resetting the coupling requires snapping the individual plungers back into engagement with a pry bar or mallet. The safety couplings have four body sizes and from three to nine plungers, depending on torque setting. The adjustable plungers can be added or removed after installation should the release torque value be miscalculated. 630/521-9911;


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