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Not Running Scared Not Running Scared
Grass Valley plant operators make friends with technology and produce high-quality reclaim water for groundwater recharge and golf course irrigation.
Worth Noting - April 2014 Rail-Mounted Fluid Bed Dryer Provides Easy Internal Bag Access Rail-Mounted Fluid Bed Dryer Provides Easy Internal Bag Access Product News - April 2014 Product News - April 2014 Industry News - April 2014 Monitoring And Instrumentation Monitoring And Instrumentation Monitoring And Instrumentation Monitoring And Instrumentation Tacoma - Pulling It All Together Tacoma - Pulling It All Together
Tacoma Public Utilities and its water-related operations are part of an effort to promote sustainability and environmental quality as a catalyst for economic growth.
Trout On Display Trout On Display
An aquarium inside an Idaho treatment plant demonstrates the life-giving quality of the facility’s Class A reuse effluent.
More Than Sunshine More Than Sunshine
Solar energy provides most of the energy for the Rifle water reclaim plant, while operators’ innovations cut down electricity consumption.
Young And Growing Young And Growing
Troy Bemisdarfer seized an opportunity in the clean-water industry and in just five years has built a satisfying and award-winning career.
A Sunny Outlook A Sunny Outlook
A Utah city turns to renewable energy as part of an operation that brings the liquid and solids sides of treatment full circle.
An Easy Transition An Easy Transition
A clean-water plant in the hometown of the Auburn Tigers completes a trouble-free conversion from gaseous chlorine to UV disinfection.
Multiplying Impact Multiplying Impact
Partnerships help an innovative water-quality education program reach diverse age groups and influence behaviors in Warsaw, Ind.
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Letters - April 2014 Can’t Argue With Success?
San Francisco uses “potty humor” to draw attention and build support for a multibillion-dollar clean-water infrastructure upgrade program.
What Kind of Plants Are They - Really?
What’s the best way to brand the facilities that handle our communities’ wastewater and keep our lakes and rivers safe, clean and healthy?

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Inside The Walls Inside The Walls
Besides clean drinking water, Mark Riggsby helps produce inmates with critical skills for a productive career when their debt to society is paid.
From The Ground Up From The Ground Up
Team members in Spring Hill, Tenn., have had the privilege of being with their plant since the beginning. The results show in quality water and efficient performance.
Highly Decorated Highly Decorated
An Alabama water utility succeeds with experienced operators, exceptional maintenance and pride in producing a quality product.
Building A Bridge
Some prisons offer water treatment training programs. What happens to the trainees when they are released and look for work in the clean-water field?
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More Water Out More Water Out
Drum thickeners from Alfa Laval offer substantial improvement in volume reduction and major savings on handling and transportation.
End to End End to End
A complete automation system helps a Philippines city improve control over water pumping and distribution and drive down operating and maintenance costs.
A Look at Everything Water A Look at Everything Water
The American Water Works Association’s ACE14 will showcase the most innovative products and services from all aspects of the water industry.
Those Blue-Green Stains Those Blue-Green Stains
Water supply systems that exceed the US EPA action level for copper must take a number of corrective measures.
Industry News - April 2014 Industry News - April 2014 It's a System It's a System
The Palm Bay (Fla.) Utilities Department uses an ISO standard as a framework for continuous improvements that cut costs and lessen environmental impact.
Worth Noting - April 2014 Just Ask Any Fourth-Grader Just Ask Any Fourth-Grader
Education is the future of water quality for one of the driest communities in the Southwest. In Rio Rancho, you’re never too young to learn.