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Ounce of Prevention: Tank Inspection 101

No one wants to hear about storage tank ruptures or leaks. And preventing these potential catastrophic occurrences is fairly straightforward: Maintain a rigorous tank maintenance program that includes periodic tank cleanings and inspections. Find out what’s recommended for water and chemical tanks, and learn about the latest inspection methods. Divers, anyone? www.wsomag.com/featured

Overheard Online

“Commute times, family demands and electronic devices can all lead to stress and disengagement of employees. And sometimes, people may feel they just need a day off.”

How to Handle Employees Calling in Sick. www.wsomag.com/featured

Hiring Practice: 10 Tips for Conducting Interviews

Mention the words job interview, and most people break into a cold sweat. No doubt, interviews can be unnerving for job candidates and managers alike. If you’re the manager behind the desk, learn how to cut through the stress and find the perfect employee. Hint: Toss the job description and listen to your peers. www.wsomag.com/featured

Study Guide: Backwash Rate Sample Questions

Are you studying for a state operator license? If so, quiz yourself with this practice question on backwash rates. You’ll also find a helpful explanation of how to calculate the correct answer. So when test time comes around, don’t be nervous. We’ve got your back. www.wsomag.com/featured


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