Monitoring And Instrumentation

Monitoring And Instrumentation
Z-tron IV Point Level Switch from AMETEK Drexelbrook

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As stricter permit limits and tight budgets demand high efficiency, accurate monitoring and instrumentation is paramount in plant operations. Here is a look at the latest analyzers, controllers, meters, SCADA systems and sensors designed to keep operators on top of effluent quality and plant performance.

Analytical Instrumentation

Online monitor

FX-300 Series online monitors from Foxcroft Equipment & Service Co. use rugged sensors and simple electronics to measure pH, ORP, conductivity and DO (galvanic), along with ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, fluoride and other ion-selective electrode parameters. Each measurement in up to six channels is displayed individually and output via 0/4-20 mA or optionally by current and RS485 Modbus. Alarm relays, control functions and battery power are optional. 800/874-0590;

Multi-input process analyzer

The flexible AquaSelect multi-input process analyzer from HF scientific suits a wide range of process applications. With a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use menus and using up to four inputs or parameters, it meets the needs of complex process operations. It is compatible with a wide range of analog and digital sensors, including the company’s AdvantEDGE series of measurement probes. 888/203-7248;

Ammonia analyzer

The TL-2800 ammonia analyzer from Timberline Instruments uses continuous-flow gas diffusion/conductivity cell analysis to determine ammonia levels. Results are unaffected by turbidity or color, and no distillation is needed before analysis. The system introduces the sample via peristaltic pump, reducing the need for filtration and limiting repairs and maintenance. Passing the sample/caustic mixture through an optional zinc reduction cartridge reduces nitrate and nitrite ions to ammonium, allowing measurement of total inorganic nitrogen. The software provides complete automation of the instrument and sampling system, with a graphical user interface that is easy to learn and implement. 303/440-8779;


Multichannel transmitter/controller

The MultiCELL Type 8619 multichannel controller from Burkert Fluid Control Systems can be used in reverse osmosis systems for monitoring functions as a flow indicator, to measure the ORP value or to determine the percentage retention value. It can also be used for control tasks, such as pH regulation, chemical dosing and ratio control. It is adapted at the factory to customer specifications. The large, configurable graphic display with backlighting can display up to four readings simultaneously. Further parameters and user-specific pages can be displayed by scrolling. 800/325-1405;

Process monitoring and control system

Process monitoring and control systems from Five Star Electric offer high reliability by providing redundancy within the processors, I/O modules and power supplies. Mesh network topology, hot swappable I/O modules and features such as built-in data storage and forwarding provide high functionality and protect against lost data. The systems can be integrated with much larger distributed control systems. 800/229-8965;

Integrated control and monitoring instrument

The MyConnect integrated control unit from Flygt – a Xylem Brand controls pump stations and small wastewater treatment plants, and measures and records flow, control filters, raw water pumps and booster pumps for water supply stations. It offers multiple connectivity options and functions as a controller or an RTU in a SCADA system. With easy expansion using extra I/O modules, it helps optimize energy consumption and provides intelligent pump supervision, and data and event logging. Wi-Fi access allows use of the free smartphone app to monitor or change start/stop levels, force start/stop and block pumps. 704/409-9700;

Differential level controller

The DLT 2.0 from Greyline Instruments measures differential level at a bar screen and open channel flow through a flume. It works with two noncontacting ultrasonic sensors —­ one upstream from the bar screen and a second downstream for differential level control. The second can be installed in a flume to control and transmit differential level control plus flow. The device includes relays for bar screen rake and level control. It has three 4-20 mA outputs (upstream level, differential level, downstream level or flow). The large backlit LCD display shows level, differential level, flow and total flow. 315/788-9500;

Thickening/dewatering control system

Real-Time Control Systems for biosolids thickening and dewatering from Hach Company continuously monitor sludge load and automatically maintain a specific polymer-dosing rate based on the influent TSS concentration and feed biosolids flow rate. Optimized polymer dosing reduces maintenance and hauling costs, increases biosolids thickness and can increase biogas yield. In less than 24 hours the system is fully prepared to monitor and thicken or dewater biosolids. 800/227-4224;

Gas detection digital Modbus RTU controller

The TA-2016MB-WM gas detection wall-mount controller from Mil-Ram Technology has a 16-channel system (eight-channel available) using an RS-485 Modbus RTU Multi-drop sensor network. It has low/mid/high/fault relays (SPDT rated 10 amp), LED alarm indicators, local buzzer and backlit LCD auto-scrolls for channel data/fault conditions. An auto-configuration wizard makes channel configuration simple and automatic. It can be installed at any point on the RS-485 network, eliminating long wiring runs. 510/656-2001;

SCADA-enabled control panel

TCOM modular telemetry controllers from Orenco Systems combine the functions of relays, timers and meters into one low-cost device used to control booster stations, reservoirs and community wells. They can also be used as a SCADA patch, connecting peripheral equipment to an existing SCADA system. Panels include built-in communication protocols supported by most existing SCADA systems. Units offer real-time data acquisition and control over an Internet, cellphone or land line connection. Free TCOM Viewer software works on Windows PC computers. 800/348-9843;

System control

QUICKSMART PLC-based pump system controllers from Smith & Loveless have screen function buttons and a status bar accessible from each screen. A digital maintenance log displays periodic recommended operation and maintenance instructions and makes lubrication suggestions based on actual pump run times. The unit also offers alarm management, wet well level simulation, pump on/off levels, prime-mode selection, environmental system set points and optional STATIONCOMM integration. The 7-inch 65K-Color TFT LCD touch-screen HMI controller has surge protection. 800/898-9122;

Multi-input controller

The AquaMetrix 2300 from Water Analytics can monitor and control up to seven probes. Four inputs accept signals from 4-20 mA analog sensors such as pH, ORP, conductivity, oxygen, chlorine, turbidity or level. Three other inputs take pulse signals from paddle wheel or magnetic flowmeters. Four relay outputs complete the standard configuration. An expansion card slot allows for additional inputs or outputs. It is network enabled and can be set up, calibrated and monitored from a local area network. Control is via a browser window on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Multiple configuration wizards guide the user through all controller functions. Email and text notifications alert the user to alarmed conditions. 855/747-7623;

Data Loggers

Universal monitoring system

The dataTaker DT80 data logger from CAS Dataloggers includes universal inputs that connect to nearly any sensor for flexible measurement of temperature, voltage, current and other parameters. It offers USB memory stick support, 18-bit resolution, extensive communications capabilities and a built-in display. Its dual-channel concept allows up to 10 isolated or 15 common referenced analog inputs to be used in many combinations. The internal memory stores up to 10 million data points. Users can archive data on alarm event, copy to USB memory or transfer via FTP. The built-in Web interface allows users to configure the unit, access logged data and see current measurements as mimics or in a list using a web browser. 800/956-4437;


Pressure gauge

Ashcroft diaphragm seals, isolation rings and isolation spools allow media to interface with a compatible elastic element, which displaces a fluid fill into the sensing element of the instrument. To prevent clogging, the media side of the isolation device can be easily cleaned through disassembly or a dedicated flush port. Pressure gauges, switches and transmitters are configured with the appropriate wetted materials, instrument features and fill fluid. Multiple instruments can be combined on a single seal to provide any combination of switching and local and remote indication. 800/328-8258;


Flow monitoring system

The DIGI-FLO F-2000 Series electronic insertion-style flowmeter from Blue-White Industries monitors flow in municipal water and wastewater applications. Pipe fittings are available in inline and clamp-on saddle type for pipes from 3/8 to 12 inches. The electronic display and communication enclosure can be mounted directly to the sensor or remotely mounted to a pipe or panel. Standard models display flow rate and accumulated total flow and include an NPN open collector output for communication with data loggers, SCADA systems and other external devices. Optional 4-20 mA/0-10 VDC plug-in circuitry can be added for additional communication requirements. The device can be battery-operated using four standard AA batteries, or AC powered using a 15- to 24-volt DC plug-in transformer. 714/893-8529;

Versatile water meter system

The IntelliH2O water meter from Capstone Metering is designed as an integrated system approved within the 7.5-inch specification. It has a rechargeable battery system, ball valve for on/off control and complete remote operation from the office, and cellular communication via Verizon Wireless directly from the meter to the cloud. Integrated pressure and temperature sensing alarms isolate potential leaks and service degradation even in poor service areas and provide data for research of potential water-quality problems, even in extreme conditions. It is accurate at flows from 0.25 to 15 gpm. 972/446-1700;

Microwave moisture/solids analyzer

The SMART Turbo microwave moisture/solids analyzer from CEM Corporation provides total solids determination in less than three minutes and can measure TSS and total solids in wastewater and sludge. Rapid, precise analysis helps control the treatment process and reduce costs through effective dewatering and efficient polymer usage, optimizing solids content. Its IntelliTemp temperature feedback system constantly monitors weight loss and sample temperature, adjusting power so that the sample is thoroughly dry without being overheated. The system is simple to operate, and methods are easily transferable from unit to unit. 800/726-3331;

Portable sludge blanket and do meter

The portable MultiTracker from Cerlic Environmental Controls measures DO, suspended solids and sludge blanket levels in water and wastewater treatment processes. It uses plug-and-play sensors. Operators can choose between the Oxyduo sensor that measures DO with an Optical DO electrode, SolidO sensor for suspended solids, or BlankO sensor to measure fluff and blanket levels in clarifiers, thickeners and lagoons. The hand-held unit has a large LCD graphic display, straightforward keypad push buttons for simple programming, real-time sensing with alarms and 250 data-point logging. 404/256-3097;

Oxygen demand monitor

The ODM-100 oxygen demand monitor from Challenge Technology records real-time data on oxygen uptake rate (OUR) at any point in a process. The rail-mounted unit can be quickly installed or moved from location to location for a full analysis of the biomass in a treatment plant. It feeds OUR data directly to a SCADA system or to storage on a USB drive. Continuous mode can be used for toxicity detection, trend monitoring and aeration control. The sequential batch mode can be used for OUR analysis. It operates in harsh environments with minimal scheduled maintenance and runs on one standard 110-volt plug. 479/419-0708;

Chlorine monitoring system

The RA-1000 from Eagle Microsystems monitors residual concentrations of free or total chlorine. It has eight field-selectable ranges, all-digital controls, self-cleaning electrodes and fully automatic control capability. A sample containing the target chemical is pumped to a reservoir, where it is fed by gravity along with a pH-buffering agent to the amperometric-measuring cell, where a small current is developed. A microprocessor-based digital controller processes the output of the cell, and the residual value is displayed on the LCD readout. The digital controller transmits a 4-20 mA DC signal for recording or remote display and can output a signal for residual process control via modes including flow pacing and compound loop control. 610/323-2250;

Air/gas mass flowmeter

The Model ST51 mass flowmeter from FCI – Fluid Components International provides precise air/gas flow measurement in demanding environments. The explosion-proof instrument is easy to install and needs minimal maintenance. It has no moving parts, is nonclogging and operates over a wide flow range with low-flow sensitivity. It is packaged in an explosion-proof transmitter, and the calibration is matched to the user’s actual gas composition and installation conditions. It measures with accuracy to plus-or-minus 1 percent, with repeatability of plus-or-minus 0.5 percent. 800/854-1993;

Sludge level transmitter

The Sultan Sonar sludge level transmitter from Hawk Measurement provides reliable and accurate sludge level measurement on various clarifier processes. Using high-end acoustic signal processing and sophisticated configuration software, it is suited for sludge bed control measurement and provides data that can be used for control. 978/304-3000;

Online water-quality monitor

The Testomat 2000 online field-measuring instrument from Heyl USA analyzes feed water hardness and other parameters such as chlorine, p-value, chromate and iron on a quantity- or time-controlled basis. Lime scale buildup inside pipes and other metal boiler components processing hard water reduces heat transfer, causing a decrease in heating capacity and high flow resistance. Online water-quality monitoring helps prevent lime scale. 312/377-6123;

Non-fouling level transmitter

The LevelRat non-fouling level transmitter from Keller America has a Kynar diaphragm that combines the nonstick properties of Teflon with high resistance to puncture and abrasion. The result is a small, non-fouling level transmitter fit for use in even the worst environments without protective cages. Lightning protection is standard on all 4-20 mA units. 877/253-5537;

Odor monitor

The Odotech OdoWatch 4.0 real-time odor monitoring system from Kruger USA uses U.S. EPA-approved AERMOD and CALPUFF modeling to follow the odor plume over complex terrain, allowing plants to track odors and provide alerts when odors approach areas outside a preset boundary. Information from the system helps plants focus on processes that need the most attention and plan upgrades for greatest impact. It can be used to optimize chemical dosing and biofilter media, saving money while controlling odors. It uses real-time, continuous views of H2S emissions. 919/677-8310;

Suspended solids density meter

The Suspended Solids Density Meter from Markland Specialty Engineering monitors biosolids concentrations in pipes, clarifiers and tanks, and helps automate control of biosolids removal. Using nonradioactive ultrasound, it measures primary, secondary and return-activated biosolids (including concentrations too thick for optical methods). It allows users to program underflow pumps to automatically shut off before biosolids become too thin, optimizing feed density before subsequent processing. It helps operators determine appropriate polymer dosages to improve filter press/centrifuge/digester performance. It also provides a continuous linear reading of percentage suspended solids, enabling calculation of mass flow rate. The inline pipe spool-piece sensor is nonintrusive, and simple to install, calibrate and clean. A throw-in-style probe is also available. 855/873-7791;

Noninvasive flow measurement

The Flow Pulse pipe flow monitor from Pulsar Process Measurement ensures repeatability and simple installation with no downtime for monitoring flow rates and pump efficiency in process plant or sewage pumping stations. Just clamp a small sensor to the outside of a pipe and immediately get a reliable, repeatable flow measurement. Ultrasound is fired through the pipe wall, reflected from bubbles, particles and vortices in all directions and at a wide range of frequencies, the reflections received back into the device. Its Refracted Spread Spectrum Analysis (RSSA) digital signal processing analyzes and integrates received signals over a wide frequency range, then slices them for real-time analysis and flow rate calculation. It operates in a flow range from 1 foot per second through to 13 feet per second, with minimum particle size of 100 microns and concentration of 200 ppm or above. Pipe material can be rigid plastic, stainless steel, mild steel or cast iron. 850/279-4882;

Four-gas monitor

The RKI GX-2009 four-gas monitor from Scantek weighs 4.6 ounces and fits in the palm of a hand. It simultaneously monitors and displays combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. Dual audible alarm ports and alarm LEDs on three sides of the instrument make alarm conditions obvious from multiple perspectives. The device has a large LCD display, STEL and TWA readouts, a water-resistant and dustproof design with IP 67 rating and a large-capacity data logging system. It operates for 20 hours with batteries. 800/224-3813;

Flow totalizer software

The free flow totalizer software module for the QuadraTherm 640i/780i mass flowmeter from Sierra Instruments helps management totalize and monetize all gases. The device is accurate to plus-or-minus 0.5 percent of full scale. It gives a view of the totalized value of multiple gases and totalizes up to four gases. Four totalizers are visible on the user interface screen; the user selects one to be active. Each totalizer is independent of the others; users can totalize one gas, then switch and totalize another. 800/866-0200;

Quad-path ultrasonic water meter

The 280W-CI commercial and industrial grade ultrasonic water meter from Spire Metering Technology has a wide dynamic range and leakage detection capabilities. With no moving parts, quad-path ultrasonic technology and IP68-rated heavy-duty enclosure, it exceeds ISO4064 Class D/AWWA C750. Its quad-path technology improves accuracy and reduces straight-pipe run requirements. It is unaffected by magnetic interference and is AMR/AMI-ready with pulse, M-Bus, Modbus, 4-20 mA or wireless interface. 888/738-0188;

Multiparameter water-quality colorimeter

The Lovibond MD 600 colorimeter from The Tintometer Group (formerly Orbeco-Hellige Inc.) tests for a wide range of water-quality parameters and is suited for field or laboratory use. It has a six-LED photo detector array that supports over 120 preprogrammed methods, including DPD chlorine, COD, phosphate, and molybdate. It allows for testing using a Powder Pack, tablet or liquid reagent platforms. It has 1,000 data point storage, an infrared interface for data transfer and a user calibration mode. It allows new-method uploads via the Internet. 800/922-5242;

Orthophosphate Analyzer

The P 700 for orthophosphate measurement from YSI, a xylem brand, can be used as a stand-alone analyzer or with the IQ SensorNet 2020 XT continuous monitoring and control system. It measures orthophosphate throughout the wastewater treatment process, from primary settling to the biological tanks and the effluent, providing continuous data to help improve operational efficiency as well as verification of phosphate removal to meet permit requirements. Indoor and outdoor versions with climate control are available. It offers the use of the proven Vanadomolybdate (yellow) method of detection and has low reagent consumption. The compact housing design allows rail mounting. Two measuring ranges in each model allow it to be used in a wide range of locations. 937/767-7241;

Process Control Equipment

Biosolids data management software

The BioSolids Module for Operator10 Wastewater from AllMax Software monitors loading rates for land application of biosolids. It also tracks application locations, methods, amounts and who applies the material. A reporting section allows users to generate limit, application and nutrient reports for proper recordkeeping and compliance. Its use enhances communication between the preparer, applier and landowner. 800/670-1867;

Drive setup program

The SmartStart wizard in VLT AQUA drives from Danfoss Water and Wastewater makes drive commissioning easy and fast, improving process efficiency and optimizing energy savings. It guides users through 10 steps to ensure accurate and efficient motor control. Setup parameters include single pump/motor, motor alternation, basic cascade control, master-follower, flow compensation, deragging, pipe fill, dry run/end of curve detection, sleep mode and special ramps. Settings are selected on the drive’s 28-language graphical control panel. 800/432-6367;

SCADA Systems

Inventory monitoring software

eBob software from BinMaster Level Controls helps users gather real-time inventory data from storage bins for affordable inventory tracking. Users can manage bin levels without manually inspecting and measuring each bin, saving time while optimizing bin levels and storage capacity. Version 5.2 lets users with a LAN, WAN or VPN access the bin level measurement from one or multiple server (remote) locations on the network. Workstations can be located at any number of sites so that personnel at any site can monitor inventory. 800/278-4241;

Wireless SCADA system

The wireless ScalableSCADA from Revere Control Systems provides flexibility for growth. Nonproprietary hardware and communications protocols eliminate restrictions on growth, application and supplier. Protocol choices include cellular, radio, modem and land line. The system includes built-in serial and ethernet ports, Web pages and data logging with FTP transfer to the server. Options include I/O, modems, cellular modems and keypad. NEMA 4X fiberglass, NEMA 12, and NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosures are available, as is radio path testing. 800/536-2525;

Station controller

The MINER station controller from Survalent Technology combines the functions of a traditional remote terminal unit with those of a data concentrator and includes a terminal and Web server. It provides a balanced combination of input and output points and communication ports in a compact package, operating with 6 watts in an industrial temperature range. It can connect to multiple IEDs on multiple ports with multi-drop configurations or over one or two Ethernet ports. It has two dedicated serial ports for configuration, point monitoring and diagnostics. It allows operation, maintenance and configuration of the remote terminal unit without proprietary software. 905/826-5000;


Point level switch

The Z-tron IV Point Level Switch from AMETEK Drexelbrook has an all-electronic design with no-wear parts. It is unaffected by sticky coatings and impervious to corrosive liquids. It needs no replacement parts and no routine maintenance or cleaning. Cote-Shield circuitry allows it to ignore coatings and buildup on the sensing element. Dust or tunneling will not produce a false signal; it reacts only to actual high- or low-level conditions. The compact unit is inserted into a vessel so that the sensing element is positioned at the desired high or low level. When the material level reaches a predetermined point on the sensing element, it causes a change in status in the electronic unit, resulting in the actuation of a relay. That relay can be used to operate alarms, annunciators, valves, or other controls or indicators. 215/674-1234;

Electrochemical ozone sensor

The SM-EC electrochemical ozone sensor module from Eco Sensors provides accurate ppb-level detection and resolution over a concentration range from 0.2 to 50 ppm. It is compensated for temperature and humidity effects and has minimal cross sensitivity to VOCs. The sensor makes digital instruments more accurate at both ppb and high ppm levels of ozone, enabling improved monitoring and control. With a Wi-Fi adapter, it can be used as part of a wireless monitoring solution. 800/472-6626;

Wireless monitoring system

The Guardian 2000 wireless monitor from FLO-CORP transmits data using cell towers or satellites. The battery-powered system can be used to report combined sewer overflows measured by the Ranger 1000 ultrasonic level transmitter, providing constant access to data. The wireless monitor also can report exact tank truck locations, flow into the tank during pickups, flow out during deliveries, tank level and product temperature. It also can monitor frac fluid to ensure against overflow. 877/356-5463;

Multi-sensor atmospheric monitor

The G460 multi-sensor atmospheric monitor from GfG Instrumentation has a concussion-proof boot that along with a dust- and water-resistant housing protects the instrument in harsh environments. It offers completely automatic calibration, one-button operation, and data and event logging, and includes a top-mounted display, interchangeable battery packs and a highly configurable smart sensor design. Options include a dual-range infrared combustible gas sensor, motorized pump operable in diffusion or sample draw mode, and up to seven channels of detection. 800/959-0329;

Level sensor

The FLO-DAR sensor from Hach Flow Meter Products & Services uses advanced digital Doppler radar technology to measure velocity and ultrasonic pulse echo to determine level. It eliminates sensor fouling and the missed flow data, ensuring accurate data under challenging flow conditions, including high solids content, high temperature, and shallow, greasy or caustic flows. It can be combined with the FLO-STATION flowmeter to create a convenient monitoring solution. 800/368-2723;

Digital pH sensor

SMARTSENS pH 1590 analytical sensors from KROHNE use integrated transmitter technology where circuitry is miniaturized and fits into the sensor head. They offer an open standard without transmitter and a direct connection via standardized fieldbus from the sensor to the process control system. The devices store all data and send it as bidirectional digital signals with 4-20 mA/HART 7 protocol to the control and asset management systems, handhelds, PC and other peripherals. They offer low maintenance, long service cycle and high cost-saving potential. A large ceramic diaphragm ensures reliable pH measurement. 800/356-9464;

pH measurement transmitter

The TX2000 pH/ORP transmitter with quality sensors from Sensorex Corporation monitors pH in raw sewage to detect excess acid or caustic conditions that may result from a municipal spill or large industrial user discharge. Full featured with alarm/control relays and current (4-20 mA) or optional RS-485 (Modbus RTU or ASCII) outputs, it can interface to plant SCADA or DCS control systems. It uses a large graphical backlit display with easy-to-navigate text and graphic illustrations. Supplied in a compact NEMA 4X enclosure, it can be wall mounted, installed in a panel or pipe/handrail mounted. 714/895-4344;

Radar level transmitter

The Bindicator MP Series radar level transmitter from Venture Measurement uses microwave and pulse radar technology to measure the level of bulk solids in tanks or silos. With a sensing range up to 230 feet, it is well suited for tall silos. Operating at 26 GHz with a narrow beam angle of approximately eight degrees, it avoids disturbances such as cement dust, fly ash dust and tank wall protrusions. It uses a noncontact, time-of-flight method to determine the level of bulk material in a vessel. 864/574-8960;


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