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Keeping it Safe: Dust Masks vs. Respirators

Respiratory health is an important element of plant safety. Learn more about dust masks and respirators, and find out how respiratory standards work to protect you from possible exposure. From proper fit to adequate training, operators need to know the basics for avoiding exposure to fumes, dusts, liquids and gases. www.tpomag.com/featured

Overheard Online

“There’s valid absenteeism, and then there are people abusing the system. The No. 1 thing is to have a conversation with the employee. Don’t jump to conclusions.”

How To Handle Employees Calling in Sick, www.tpomag.com/featured

Multimedia Marketing: Baby Wipes Campaign Kicks Off

“To flush or not to flush,” that is the question being asked throughout a target area in Portland, Maine. In a historic partnership, the Maine WasteWater Control Association and the Association of Nonwoven Fabrics Industry launched a full-scale project aimed at educating the public about the proper disposal of baby wipes. Find out why the group targeted baby wipes, and learn how utilities across the country will be able to use campaign marketing materials. www.tpomag.com/featured

Table Scrap Biogas: School Lunch Fuels Homes

Yesterday’s sloppy Joes and tater tot casserole won’t be heading for New York City landfills any longer. Instead, those tasty lunch-lady leftovers will make their way to the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, where a dedicated digester will churn out biogas. Find out how the treatment plant has partnered with the National Grid and the school system to heat East Coast homes. www.tpomag.com/featured


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