The APG-Neuros Turbo Blower is a single-stage high-efficiency product that can attain flow rates of up to 8,500 scfm and a discharge pressure up to 15 psig with a horsepower range from 30 to 300. For greater flow range, Dual Core and Quad Core models from NX400 (400 hp) to NX1400 (1,400 hp) that combine multiple cores within the same enclosure can reach between 3,000 and 25,000 scfm. The units have easy and low-cost installation, and can reduce noise levels to between 80 and 85 dBA. They have a small footprint, and are low maintenance with an oil-free, non-contact air bearing and permanent-magnet synchronous motor and no heat rejection to the blower room. 866/592-9482;


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