Vaughan Rotamix System Features Steady, Consistent Digester Mixing Technology

Digester mixing is a dirty job, but someone — or something — has to do it. As treatment plant operators know, the absence of pit mixing leads to thick sludge and difficult-to-pump slurries. To solve this problem, some chopper pump manufacturers offer mechanical hydraulic mixing systems. For example, the Vaughan Company’s Rotamix system pairs a chopper pump and a set of high-velocity nozzles to mix the tank while handling any tough solids, resulting in a homogenous-state pit.

The system’s specs

Rotamix is available in single- and double-nozzle configurations, depending on tank diameter and depth. All fittings are ductile cast iron and glass-lined for abrasion resistance, reduced friction and to eliminate struvite adhesion. The tapered nozzle barrels are 1-inch thick for long-term wear protection. The entire assembly is white metal sandblasted and powder coated with 3M Scotchkote Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating — a one-part, heat-curable, thermosetting epoxy coating for superior surface protection. 

How Rotamix works

The Rotamix system incorporates several basic principles of physics and hydraulics, including uniform and vortical fields of flow, induced flow and surface contact. Combined, these concepts create a mixing system that optimizes homogenization and pumping of treatment plant contents. 

Combining both uniform and vortical fields of flow creates an efficient “dual-zone” mixing pattern. In a uniform field of flow, the entire contents rotate as a solid unit with the highest velocity at the outside. In a vortical field of flow, fluid velocities are the greatest at the center, thus creating a vertical-axis vortex. The Rotamix system combines both uniform rotation (outer vortex) and a vertical-axis vortex (inner vortex), creating unique dual-rotational zones. 

To provide the necessary power for dual-zone mixing, the average velocities of the nozzles are increased for a steadier, consistent flow. This additional power also prevents solids from settling in the center of the vortexes.

Induced flow through high-velocity nozzles increases the effective mixing volume by inducing entrained fluid. High velocity nozzles induce flow over a long distance and generate an overall mixing effect over a large volume.

Vaughan Company specializes in durability. As the originators of the chopper pump, and with more than a half-century of experience, its customers benefit from the company’s commitment to providing outstanding service and dependable products. By combining cutting-edge technology with a history of pump durability, Vaughan pumps and pump systems are engineered to handle whatever your job requires.

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