Complete Blower Package Results in Quiet Operation, Easy Maintenance

Until 2012, the Kaufman (Texas) Wastewater Treatment Plant operated two separate aeration basins with mechanical surface aerators. As the plant’s equipment aged and required more frequent and expensive maintenance, the city followed its engineering firm’s recommendation to install a more efficient fine-bubble diffusion air system rather than simply replacing its old mixers.

Phase 1 of the project  added two positive displacement (PD) blowers to replace the mixers in the south side aeration basin. While the PD blowers did cut down on maintenance calls and energy use, the blower packages proved less than ideal.

A year after the first PD blowers were installed, the plant began Phase  2, which included  replacing the two mixers at the north side aeration basin. The new engineering contractors had experience with Aerzen equipment and recommended two Aerzen Generation 5 model GM 25 PD blowers.

The result is a blower package with a much lower overall noise level that maintains quiet operation over the life of the blower. “We’ve been very pleased with the Aerzen equipment,” says Terry Petrea, chief operator. “We’ve had no maintenance issues. It runs without problems.”

Petrea noted that the plant has seen a reduction in maintenance costs and man-hours in the three years since it replaced its last two mixers with the Aerzen blowers.

Aerzen specializes in positive displacement blowers, turbo blowers, screw compressors and vacuum pumps. For more information about Aerzen’s complete blower package, contact:
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