Potable Tank Mixers Provide Low-Cost Solution

Potable Tank Mixers Provide Low-Cost Solution
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GridBee GS-12 electric mixers for potable water storage tanks provide a low-cost solution for meeting water-quality standards and preventing ice damage. The family includes models with 120-volt and 240-volt motors.

The mixers, based on the same long-distance mixing technology as SolarBee solar-powered units, rest on the tank floor, constantly circulating water to distribute disinfectant evenly and kill bacteria. Pulling water off the tank floor ensures efficient mixing of important boundary layers without disturbing the sediment, providing uniform distribution of disinfectant and uniform water age while preventing stratification. Thorough mixing also eliminates ice damage to tanks in cold climates.

"Even though potable tanks have had serious problems with water quality and ice damage, until recently solutions for these problems have not been affordable enough," said Joel Bleth, president and CEO of Medora Corporation, the manufacturer. "The lower-cost GS-12 mixers are the next step toward making it affordable for every city to have a mixer in every tank."

The mixers can be installed through a 12-inch-diameter or larger hatch. There is no need to enter or drain the tank for installation and no need to place the mixer in the center of the tank; installation directly below the hatch will mix the entire tank. The mixer's low-impact feet and end caps will not damage tank coatings during installation or operation.

The mixers are compatible with GridBee and SolarBee chlorine boost and THM removal systems to ensure optimal water quality and to meet the EPA Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Rule. SCADA outputs are available. The mixers are certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and Annex G (low lead).

The mixers measure 36 inches long and 11.5 inches in diameter and weigh 70 pounds. The 120-volt and the original low-voltage 48-volt models require a 15-amp electric service. The 48-volt model includes a ground-mounted voltage converter and control box. In addition, the mixer family includes models with a 240-volt, 60 Hz motor and a 240-volt, 50 Hz motor. 866/437-8076; www.medoraco.com.


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