Customized Solutions for PFAS Removal

Municipal and industrial customers achieve clean, PFAS-free and contaminant-free water by using Evoqua’s carbon and resin solutions

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Customized Solutions for PFAS Removal

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Polyfluroalkyl substances, known as PFAS, are man-made chemicals found in everyday items such as nonstick fast-food wrappers, stain-resistant fabrics, nonstick cookware, firefighting foams, and the manufacturing of certain papers. 

The chemical bond of these substances is so strong they take decades to break down. In addition to being found in various items we use day to day, PFAS can be found in rivers, lakes, streams, aquifers, and municipal and private wells nationwide. Evoqua offers a variety of solutions for removing PFAS, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and perflurooctane sulfonate (PFOS) — collectively known as PFCs — from drinking water or process water.

Evoqua has proven carbon and resin solutions permanently installed in municipal drinking water plants, lowering PFAS counts to non-detect levels, along with both emergency and mobile solutions for PFAS removal in both municipal drinking water and industrial process water applications.

Evoqua understands that every community's water is different. Its experts partner with water district managers, superintendents, and city and town managers to design a PFC treatment solution specific to their water chemistry.

Typically, removing PFCs from water involves carbon or ion-exchange resin. There are several successful sites where these systems have proven effective and exceed the US EPA Health Advisory Limits. PFC removal from water can also include other treatment solutions such as reverse osmosis.

Collaborating with you, Evoqua evaluates your water with pilots, bench scale testing, or accelerated bench scale testing to determine which media and process will work most effectively with local water. Evoqua’s goal is for its customers to achieve clean, safe, PFC-free water.

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