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Stellar Management Stellar Management
Clinton Wastewater Treatment Plant superintendent John Riccio fosters excellence in his operations team — and it paid off during a major emergency in March 2010.
Worth Noting - October 2012 Always Adaptable Always Adaptable
Multiple upgrades and an experienced team help the Salt Creek treatment plant handle variable influent and stay in compliance.
Guiding a Gosling Guiding a Gosling As Clean as it Gets As Clean as it Gets
The award-winning Muscatine biosolids program uses an umbilical system to deliver material sight unseen to a tractor-drawn injector.
Projects and Awards Product News - October 2012 Product News - October 2012 Sustainable Treatment System Eliminates Need for Chemicals Sustainable Treatment System Eliminates Need for Chemicals Tanks, Structures and Components Tanks, Structures and Components Industry News - October 2012 Industry News - October 2012 At Home on the Range At Home on the Range
A lime stabilization process helps a treatment plant on Minnesota’s Iron Range resolve weather-related issues with biosolids management.
Something for Everyone Something for Everyone
The expansive Muskegon County Wastewater Management Facility caters to groups from birdwatchers and hunters to rocket hobbyists and dog lovers.
For All to See
Brave new clean-water plants don’t hide at the end of a road outside town. They stand visibly as symbols of water protection and community investment.
Getting Them Started Getting Them Started
David Moore created an internship program that for 10 years has funneled qualified young people into water and wastewater careers in northwest Alabama.
Only the Best Only the Best
The plant team in Wausau, Wis., made energy efficiency a top priority when selecting new equipment for a $2 million upgrade.
Learning in Motion Learning in Motion
Staff members at the City of Billings take education out into classrooms and events where they get the most exposure.
Tanks, Structures and Components Tanks, Structures and Components

Originally in Water System Operator WSO: Water System Operator

Leading by Serving Leading by Serving
Shawn Middendorf is a go-getter, moving from entry level to local manager. His leadership and problem-solving skills have benefited the City of Nevada, Mo.
Worth Noting - September/October 2012 A Perfect Prescription A Perfect Prescription
Students and a water company team up on a drug collection that helps protect water supplies and is rapidly spreading across the nation.
Saving for a Sunny Day Saving for a Sunny Day
An aquifer storage and retrieval system gives the San Antonio Water System a stable drinking water supply that easily survived even the severe drought of 2011.
100 Years of Excellence 100 Years of Excellence
Innovative upgrades and operations expertise help a California utility deliver high-quality customer service, while working to conserve water.
A Better Way for Many A Better Way for Many
Chloramine disinfection for distribution systems offers a variety of advantages for large and small water utilities.
Full Accountability Full Accountability
Non-Revenue Water Services helps utilities improve leak detection, set pipe repair priorities, and ensure accuracy in metering and billing.
Striving for Net Zero Striving for Net Zero
Efficiency upgrades and process improvements allow a Massachusetts water treatment plant to generate 70 percent of its own electric power.
Flygt Pump Controller  Displays Energy Consumption Flygt Pump Controller Displays Energy Consumption Product News - September/October 2012 Product News - September/October 2012 Distribution Distribution Performance When It Counts
Storms, floods and other disasters seem to be getting more severe and frequent. That’s reason for water systems to make sure emergency plans are up to date.
Industry news - September/October 2012 One System, One Look and Feel One System, One Look and Feel
An in-house upgrade to an integrated, systemwide control system helps the Niagara Region get better, faster, more reliable access to critical information.
Pressure Point Pressure Point
Progressive cavity metering pumps provide a maintenance-saving solution for a water production facility in Virginia.