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Gear drives

Bridge- and pier-supported drive systems from AMWELL, A Division of McNish Corp., consist of corrosion-resistant cast iron housings providing 360-degree gear support, and one-piece construction of alloy steel worm shafts and pinions. The split spur gear and bearing system meets the needs of high thrust and radial load applications while offering easy inspection and maintenance.

Spur gear drives are available for pier-supported clarifier and thickener systems starting at 30 feet in diameter. Worm gear drives are available for bridge-supported clarifiers and thickeners up to 50 feet in diameter. Features include overload protection and optional shaft-mounted primary reducer that eliminates maintenance of chain and sprocket arrangements. The drives are built to current ANSI/AGMA Standards. 630/898-6900; www.amwell-inc.com

Dredge system

The Sediment Dredge System from Polychem Systems, a Division of Brentwood Industries, removes the compression zone layer of sludge from the floor of sedimentation basins while maintaining flow rates with no stoppages. The system can support vacuum and pump configurations. It operates in basins over 300 feet long and in a single system can span basins from 3 to 28 feet wide. The track assembly keeps the system secured to the floor. 484/651-1300; www.brentwoodindustries.com

Fabric buildings

ClearSpan Fabric Structures offers design-build solutions for wastewater facilities, covered sludge beds and more. Hercules Truss Arch Buildings feature high clearances and spacious interiors without support posts. The fabric buildings are outfitted with frames constructed of USA-made, triple-
galvanized structural steel. Ripstop polyethylene covers let natural light in, eliminating daytime artificial lighting and lowering energy costs. Every building is custom engineered to fit local requirements, such as snow load or foundation type. 866/643-1010; www.clearspan.com

Flat covers

Extruded flat covers from CST Covers are fabricated from aluminum and are available in clear spans up to 18 feet, custom designed to meet project-specific functional and design loading requirements. The all-aluminum design is made of 6061-T6 and 6063-T6 aluminum structural members and 6063-T6 sheets for quality, durability, longevity and odor control.

The covers are easily installed and removed. Lifting weight can be designed to specific needs. Each cover is optimized to provide an economical solution with the fewest individual panels. Structures use maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum alloys, stainless steel fasteners and silicone rubber sealants and gaskets. 913/621-3700; www.cst-storage.com

Corrosion-resistant troughs

Corrosion-resistant troughs from Fibergrate Composite Structures are available in a variety of resins and custom designed in many sizes and configurations. They are built to meet AWWA F101 specifications when required. Features include slip resistance, UV resistance, flame retardancy, non-conductivity, impact absorption and low maintenance requirements. The troughs offer resistance to corrosive water, acids, alkalis and other chemical compounds. The result is minimal maintenance requirements, a long service life and a low life cycle cost. 972/250-1633; www.fibergrate.com

Welded steel tanks

Field-erected welded steel storage tanks from Fisher Tank Company provide safe, reliable and economical storage and process solutions for wastewater treatment facilities. Tank additions include ladders, handrails, agitator bridges, linings, domed roofs and tank covers. 610/494-7200; www.fishertank.com

Clarifier duality

GR (aeration/clarification – digester/thickener/clarification) and GRO (aeration only – digester) equipment from Schreiber applies the company's continuously sequencing reactor (CSR) process to provide high-efficiency aeration and separate low-energy mixing for aerobic sludge stabilization and gravity thickening. Using a dual GR system allows one unit to serve as an aeration/clarification unit and one unit to be used as a digester/thickener unit.

The unit incorporates sludge stabilization and thickening within a concentric basic arrangement for optimum use of space. Peripheral drive helical scrapers transport the thickened sludge to a central hopper for withdrawal for dewatering or recirculation. The thickener can be converted to function as a clarifier, satisfying the clarifier duality required in many states. The unit used for digestion in Phase I would be strictly used for digestion/thickening in Phase II. 205/655-7466; www.schreiberwater.com

Rotating skimmers

Custom rotating scum skimmers from Hi-Tech Environmental, a Division of Kusters Water, suit water and wastewater applications including rectangular and circular basins, chlorine contact tanks, oxidation ditches and dissolved air flotation tanks.

Scum pipe materials can be made of carbon steel, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel. The scum pipes can be fitted with a fully automated actuator and control system or installed with a manual lever arm. The equipment can be designed to operate in hazardous environments, meeting Class I and II, Groups A through D and Division 1 and 2. 205/987-8976; www.kusterswater.com

Microsand clarification

The ACTIFLO microsand clarification process from Kruger USA combines microsand enhanced floc formation and microsand enhanced settling. The process treats low-turbidity mountain runoff, reservoirs with algae, water with high total organic carbon, hard water, soft water, groundwater, flashy rivers and streams, brackish water and seawater.

The process uses microsand as a seed for floc formation that later acts as a ballast or weight. The resulting sand-ballasted floc displays unique characteristics that allow for clarifier designs with high overflow rates, short retention times and small footprints. With high-quality solids removal, the process can be used in wastewater applications that need solids separation, including treating wet-weather flows, phosphorus removal and water reuse. 919/677-8310; www.krugerusa.com

Peripheral-feed clarifiers

Spiraflo clarifiers from Lakeside Equipment Corporation have a peripheral-feed design for an efficient hydraulic flow pattern. The clarifiers produce high-quality effluent, improve sludge collection and removal, promote full utilization of tank volume, eliminate short-circuiting, handle peak flows effectively, retain suspended solids in the sludge blanket and eliminate sludge wall creep. 630/837-5640; www.lakeside-equipment.com

Watertight tanks

Watertight, insulated T-Max tanks from Orenco Systems are portable, long-lasting, chemical-resistant fiberglass storage containers in capacities from 300 to 15,000 gallons. Tank units are up to 42 feet long and weigh up to 12,000 pounds. Units can be transported by truck, rail, cargo container, helicopter or other aircraft.

Molded in a single piece using vacuum infusion, the tanks are constructed of 4-inch-thick foam-cored fiberglass walls. The process produces void-free, high-strength fiberglass laminates and allows for the encapsulation of foam core, which provides an estimated insulation value of R-26 (US) or R-5 (SI). The tanks withstand temperatures from -60 to 125 degrees F. Custom-built access equipment and railings are available, as are electrical control panels, pre-installed pump packages, anti-buoyancy devices and custom colors. 800/348-9843; www.orenco.com

Container filters

Sludge Mate container filters from Flo Trend Systems can dewater a variety of sludge and wastes such as alum, ferric, lagoon dredgings, digested sludge, septic tank and grease trap waste, wastewater residuals and sump bottom materials. The closed system design provides total odor control, no spillage, reduced maintenance and weather independence. Units have 10-gauge reinforced walls and 7-gauge carbon steel floors.

Available designs include peaked roofs with gasketed bolted-down access to hatches, drainage ports, inlet manifolds, floor filters and side-to-side rolling tarps. The units produce cake that passes the paint-filter test and can be transported straight to landfills. They dewater on site and are available in roll-off, trailer-mounted and tipping-stand-mounted styles and in sizes from 5 to 40 cubic yards. 713/699-0152; www.flotrend.com

Silo discharger

The silo discharger from Sodimate features a vertical spindle fitted with flexible blades to ensure the mechanical discharge or dry solid materials from silos, rigid bins and hoppers. It rotates within the container bottom cone to prevent non-flowing materials from jamming, bridging, compaction or rat holing. The unit is designed for difficult dry chemicals, such as lime and soda ash.

The mechanical bin activator discharges gently and efficiently and can also integrate up to four volumetric screw feeders. Each screw feeder is independent and can feed up to 15,000 lb/hr with different length and throughput variations. The arch breaker is easy to mount and reliable. 773/665-8800; www.sodimate-inc.com

Bolted tanks

Bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) potable and wastewater storage systems from Tank Connection combine bolted and field-weld tank construction into one product. The systems combine a high-quality coating system (LIQ Fusion 7000 FBE) and safe field installation processes. Standard liquid capacities range from 25,000 to 8 million gallons. Applications range from potable water to anaerobic digestion. Systems offer long life and low-maintenance storage. The company designs, fabricates and installs all four types of steel storage tanks including bolted RTP, field-weld, shop-weld and hybrid tank construction. 623/423-3010; www.tankconnection.com

Epoxy lining

Series 431 Perma-Shield PL from Tnemec Company is a high-performance, ceramic-modified epoxy lining for ductile iron and steel pipe, formulated for aggressive sewer environments, with advanced permeation, abrasion and chemical resistance. It can withstand 2,500 psi hydrocleaning. Its light green color makes it easy to inspect. 800/863-6321; www.tnemec.com

Flat-panel tanks

Flat-panel bolted tanks from USA Tank Storage Systems offer high performance, reliability and easy installation. The flat-seam, field-assembled design eliminates leaky flange connections and lap gaskets in liquid tank applications. Using the latest sealant to replace all strip gaskets reduces bolted panel seam leaks. The tank design provides a smooth interior wall surface.

Tanks are erected from ground level with a jacking system, improving safety. The system eliminates expensive equipment and improves the ability to work in confined spaces. Panels are finished with a thermal fusion-bonded powder coating. Advantages include speed and ease of manufacturing and erection and low environmental impact. The tanks can be relocated and expanded, improving residual value. 866/700-2500; www.usatanksales.com


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