Flygt Pump Controller Displays Energy Consumption

Flygt Pump Controller  Displays Energy Consumption

The Flygt APP 800 expandable modular pump and process controller from Xylem is engineered to control water and wastewater transport systems, showing the volume of liquid being pumped and the amount of energy consumed.

"The controller provides a clear view of a plant's energy consumption and the true cost of pumping operations," says Per Ivarsson, product manager for pump controllers. "The result is a detailed analysis of kilowatt hours per million gallons pumped. It also provides an early warning system to alert the operator when service is required."

An embedded Web server gives operators access to data from anywhere, enabling them to monitor equipment, troubleshoot and identify trends, as well as diagnose and resolve issues from a
remote location.

"The Flygt 800 delivers the flexibility of a programmable logic control (PLC) system with the precision of a dedicated pump controller," Ivarsson says. The controller is engineered and packaged for instant use and can be connected to a SCADA system for seamless integration. It can be operated remotely via Modbus or similar applications. Additional features include color touch screen, intuitive graphical interface, full telemetry and alarm-handling distribution, data logging and data storage. The system records data, time and details for up to 1,000 events.

"Data for energy and flow can be fed into the system, from which the controller can calculate pump capacity and energy," Ivarsson says. "Alternatively, energy can be calculated from the current and fixed voltage value, while flow can be calculated from the water level and sump dimensions." Values are displayed on the touch screen in real time.

The controller can operate two, three or four pumps and can be fine-tuned to minimize energy consumption at the pump station. Special application programs enable the controller to operate additional pumps. The system is password protected. A personal alarm in the SCADA system indicates when personnel are working at the station. An alarm activates if personnel are in the facility unexpectedly. The system also is equipped with an intruder alarm. 704/409-9700;


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