Purging system

The Total Automatic Purging System (TAPS) from Singer Valve is designed to flush tough pipes and improve water quality without compromising fire pressure, while minimizing non-revenue water. It uses an automatic control valve and battery-operated timer to control the time, length and pressure required to flush a distribution system effectively.

The flushing process is optimized by valve sizes from 1/2 inch to 12 inches, providing the correct velocity to pull or draw freshwater into a zone. A pressure-sustaining feature maintains minimum upstream pressure for system needs and in case fire flow is needed. The system scours and cleans pipes, reducing corrosion. Each unit includes a water sampling port so that onsite clarity can be easily seen and sampled without disrupting the process. A hydraulically operated valve introduces or releases water from the control chamber above the diaphragm to maintain accurate water flow. 604/594-5404; www.singervalve.com

Heated pipe wraps

Pipe Wraps from Powerblanket feature GreenHeat Technology and provide a heating solution for freeze protection and rapid thawing of pipelines in water treatment plants. These lightweight wraps can be used to heat pipes, manifolds, pumps, hoses and other temperature-sensitive equipment. Available in sizes from 1 to 78 inches in diameter, the wraps have adjustable straps that ensure a secure fit. They consist of heat trace, heat-spreading carbon fiber material, an insulation barrier, and an outer vinyl shell.

Certified to all applicable UL and CSA safety standards, the wraps are powered by 120 V electricity and are safe to use on metal or plastic pipes and hoses. The wraps are also UV stabilized and wind and water resistant, allowing flow within piping to continue even in temperatures as low as -58 degrees F. 877/927-6432; www.powerblanket.com

Pump station level controller

The PSL 5.0 pump station level controller from Greyline Instruments features redundant level sensing. It includes a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor. Users can also connect a loop-powered pressure sensor for redundant sensing in applications with foam or grease. The device recalibrates the pressure sensor automatically and switches back and forth from ultrasonic level to the pressure sensor as required.

Calibration and relay setpoints are easy to enter through the keypad and menu system. An automatic pump run time logging and reporting system helps operators plan pump maintenance and identify "lazy" pumps before they fail. It includes an isolated 4-20 mA output and six programmable control relays for pump control, pump alternation, and level alarms. Intrinsically safe sensors and a built-in data logger are optional. 888/473-9546; www.greyline.com

Compact pump series

Thompson Pump offers the Compact pump series with all the features of the JSC series except with a compact size, lighter weight, fewer parts, less maintenance, and lower price. The units are 35 percent smaller and 20 percent lighter but offer the same performance as a standard size pump with 24-hour run time fuel tank. Available in 4- and 6-inch sizes, the series offers an economical alternative to similar-sized portable pumps. The pumps also include the Enviroprime system that keeps pumpage from discharging into the environment. 800/767-7310; www.thompsonpump.com

Backup system

The ReliaPrime complete back-up package from Gorman-Rupp Co. delivers the benefits of sound-attenuated silent pumps and operates on natural gas. It features a 6-inch Super T Series pump capable of passing 3-inch spherical solids and offers a soundproof lightweight aluminum enclosure with padlockable door panels that can be removed for maintenance of the pump or engine. 419/755-1251; www.grpumps.com

Press tool

RIDGID offers the RP 330-B press tool for creating 4-inch copper and stainless steel connections in seconds. Users can work on wet systems and added costs like flux and solder are eliminated. The tool offers diagnostics to ensure a watertight seal with every connection. Eighteen V Li-Ion batteries are included. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com

Plunger valve

Series 300 Plunger Valves from Henry Pratt lessen cavitation. Other benefits include economic efficiency, operating safety, long life and improved valve control. The unit provides a control range of up to 96 percent.

The flow control within the valve avoids creation of stagnant water, ensuring consistent cleanliness and sterility. 877/436-7977; www.henrypratt.com

Web store

The AquaOnDemand Web store from Aqua-Aerobic Systems serves professionals who construct, operate, or maintain municipal or industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities. Thousands of products, services and educational resources are available. The store houses a resources section with a library of instructions, case studies, data sheets, videos and more. AquaNotes serve as a quick reference on common subjects. 800/940-5008; www.aquaondemand.com

Piping system

The Chem Proline crack resistant polyethylene piping system from Asahi/America is designed for transport and storage of sodium hypochlorite. Made from a specially formulated PE resin, the pipe and fittings resist chemical attack through crack propogation. The material is a lower-cost alternative to metal, fiberglass reinforced plastic pipe and lined steel pipe. The pipe uses no glues, does not require threaded connections, is UV resistant, and can be installed above or below ground using socket, butt or electrofusion joining methods. 800/343-3618; www.asahi-america.com

Electromagnetic flowmeter

The plastic-body, battery-powered, corrosion-resistant FMG800 series from Omega is a full-bore electromagnetic flowmeter with a built-in rate and total indicator. With no moving parts, the unit permits unobstructed flow, minimizing flow disturbances and straight pipe requirements. The meter is designed for tracking flow rate and total flow in usage monitoring applications including wells, industrial wastewater, and water reclamation applications. 800/826-6342; www.omega.com

Vertical pump motor

The 5813 Frame Vertical Titan II vertical pump motor from US Motors/Nidec Motor Corporation is manufactured using a cast iron frame that allows the production of the winding and frame assembly to be done in parallel, rather than in series, reducing production time and speeding delivery to the customer.

The motor is custom built to customer specifications. It includes WPI and WPII (weather protected) enclosures, and has ratings from 250 hp to 1,750 hp depending on the required speed. The motor is available in hollow-shaft or solid-shaft configurations in both low and medium voltage. 888/637-7333; www.usmotors.com

Software program

The PipeLogix software program helps municipalities collect and store survey details about underground piping. Users can create surveys for sanitary and storm sewer pipes as well as manholes. Assets are stored in their own tables so that multiple surveys can be linked to an asset, allowing users to view all surveys done on an asset in one database.

With the addition of the bidirectional GIS Module, supervisors can view surveys including videos, pictures and reports when an asset is selected from the map. A selectable map allows the operator to insert accurate information into the survey form, saving the CCTV operator entry time and reducing data input errors. 866/299-3150; www.pipelogix.com

Alarm messaging system

The MetroMail alarm messaging system from Metropolitan Industries monitors electrical systems in the water and wastewater industries. Alarm messages and status can be sent from the system via email or SMS text message directly to the user without a dedicated computer or SCADA software.

Eight optically isolated dry digital inputs accept 10 to 30 volts AC or DC. A status light tells users whether the unit has power, is properly configured and is sending emails, while network lights indicate LAN activity and connectivity. An onboard Web server allows configuration of messages, addresses and other settings via any Web browser. 815/886-9200; www.metropolitanind.com

Flow and energy meter

The Dynasonics TFX Ultra ultrasonic meter from Badger Meter is an easy and accurate option for monitoring water intake and outflow, making compliance reporting easier. The meter is easy to install and offers accuracy at one percent of reading and a large bidirectional measuring range that ensures reliable readings at low and high flow rates. The unit clamps onto the outside of the pipe and does not contact the liquid being measured. It has no moving parts. The meter is available in a variety of configurations to fit application requirements. Options include a stand-alone flowmeter and an energy flowmeter used with dual clamp-on RTDs. 262/639-6770; www.badgermeter.com/33a.aspx

In-line leak detection

The SmartBall free-swimming acoustic in-line leak detection tool from Pure Technologies is designed to inspect operating water mains. The device is made up of a foam ball with an instrument-filled aluminum core that can detect and locate very small leaks. It can be inserted and retrieved under normal operating conditions using standard taps. Once inserted, the tool can travel several miles with the water flow, collecting leak location data for up to 12 hours. Additional instrumentation in the device is used to calculate flow rates along the pipeline and identify valves, joints and other features. 855/280-7873; www.puretechltd.com

Vertical pumps

The Floway VS6 series pump from Weir Minerals is a vertical single or multistage turbine with a fabricated head discharging aboveground, an optional radius elbow, and above or belowground suction, mounted in a fabricated barrel or can. Typical service is a booster application for various water process applications.

The VS1 series pump is a vertical single or multistage turbine with a fabricated head discharging above or belowground with or without a radius elbow. Typical services include large wet pits, flood control, well pumps, water treatment plants, lake/river intakes, and various water process applications. 559/442-4000; www.weirminerals.com

Split-case pump range

Uniglide-e split-case pumps from ClydeUnion Pumps, an SPX Brand, provide high reliability and reduced lifetime costs. Forty-eight pump frame sizes are available in horizontal and vertical configurations. Standard cartridge bearing and seal assemblies simplify maintenance. Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations are available. www.clydeunion.com

Sound-attenuated pump

Rain for Rent's SA-DV-325c 12-inch pump has sound attenuation that reduces noise to 71 dBA at 1,600 rpm. The 12-inch pump can be used for applications from dewatering to sewer bypass. It handles solids up to 4 3/4 inches in diameter, flows up to 8,500 gpm, and 220-foot discharge head. It also offers continuous self-priming and optional auto-start. 661/399-9124; www.rainforrent.com

Underground locator

SubSurface Instruments, Inc. (SSI) offers the All Materials Locator (AML) for locating plastic, metal or wood. The tool functions in clay, wet soil, snow or standing water without a separate transmitter and receiver, wires, clips or clamps. Features include an ergonomic handle, easy-to-read target indicator LCDs, and adjustable sensitivity switch. 855/422-6346; www.ssilocators.com


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