Electrically Actuated Pinch Valves Offer Precise Flow Control

Electrically Actuated Pinch Valves Offer Precise Flow Control
Series 5200E valve from the Red Valve Company

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The Series 5200E electrically actuated control pinch valve from the Red Valve Company combines durability, precise control and low maintenance. Designed for tough slurry and abrasive applications, the self-cleaning elastomer sleeve is the only wetted part, so breakaway torques remain constant. AUMA, Limitorque or Rotork electric operators are standard and include heaters, thermostats, position indicators and indication lights. Other electric motor operators are available. Declutch and override components are standard.

Controls can be an integral part of the electric operator or furnished as a separate unit for a remote station. Options include NEMA 7 explosion-proof construction, proportioning control from a 4-20 mA instrument signal and 4-20 mA output transmitter.

Series 5200 pinch valves have a ductile iron body with sleeves available in pure gum rubber, neoprene, Hypalon, chlorobutyl, Buna-N, EPDM and Vitron. Valves are drilled and tapped to mate with ANSI B16.5 Class 150 flanges. Electrically actuated control valves range from 1 through 42 inches in diameter (up to 54 inches available custom order).

The 1-inch valve is 7 1/4 inches long, 6 inches wide, weighs 87 pounds and has a working pressure of 150 psi. The 42-inch valve is 84 inches long, 101 inches wide and weighs 19,000 pounds with a working pressure of 35 psi.

“The electrically actuated 5200E pinch valve can be used for flow control applications inside and outside the fence of a wastewater treatment plant,” says Benny Lonchar, national sales manager for Red Valve. “One of our largest applications outside the fence is flow control and flow equalization of stormwater in a CSO community, while RAS and WAS is one of our largest applications inside the plant.”

The maintenance-free valve has no seats to grind, no stuffing boxes to repack and no packing glands to adjust. The full-port opening allows raw sewage and debris such as twigs, rags and plastic bottles to easily pass without clogging, while the elastomer sleeve eliminates dead spaces where debris can build up and hinder performance.

“The suspended solids tend to gather in crevices and seat areas and ultimately change the flow pattern and/or the ability of the valve to close and increase torques,” Lonchar says. “With no packing, all the process runs through the sleeve of the valve. There’s no maintenance to the valve at all.”

Cone sleeves further enhance performance, enabling the valve to control a range of flows without cavitating. 412/279-0044; www.redvalve.com.


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