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Better Bugs: Improving Biological Nutrient Removal

Calgary’s combined wastewater research facility — Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets — is working to develop more efficient bacteria that could save us billions of dollars. Take a look inside this wastewater research facility in a wastewater treatment plant, and learn how its experimental streams create a true-to-life environment. tpomag.com/featured

Overheard Online

This saves [the treatment plant] from being demolished, and I think that’s a win-win for the ratepayers and taxpayers.

-From Abandoned Plant to High-Tech Wastewater Universitytpomag.com/featured

Creative Funding: Ice, Ice... Infrastructure Revenue?

At Spartanburg Water, the tinkle of ice cubes hitting a glass is the sound of money in the bank. The utility has generated more than $1.5 million through its ice houses, which provide consumers with reasonably-priced ice created from the plant’s treated water. Find out how the revenue is used, and learn how the ice-making business came to be. tpomag.com/featured

A Natural Solution: What The Heck Is Bioaugmentation?

Bioaugmentation products are not meant to be the answer to every grease, odor or treatment problem. However, they’ll keep things flowing while you work on a long-term solution. Find out more about the types of products available and how you should use these tools of the trade at your plant. tpomag.com/featured


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