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Water Ideas

Add Pizazz to Public Education

Step away from the PowerPoint presentation. Public education doesn’t have to be dry and lifeless. Take a lesson from these organizations, and learn how to initiate innovative water education programs at your facility. See how the Louisville Water Company brands its water and how the Milwaukee Water Works partners with a local museum to provide educational opportunities. The possibilities are endless. www.wsomag.com/featured

Cybersecurity 101

Batten Down the Hatches

Find out what an encounter with ransomware taught this facility about cybersecurity. Although legislation is in the works to reduce risks to critical infrastructure, facilities can take several proactive steps now to protect SCADA systems and corporate data. What should you know? www.wsomag.com/featured

Rate Hike?

Sewer Bonds Forgiven

Earlier this year, Jefferson County, Ala., declared bankruptcy, which increased sewer rates and created a $1 billion deficit. Digital Editor Briana Jones examines the topic and asks the question: What does this mean for other distressed municipalities? www.wsomag.com/featured


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