Dual-Vessel Purification System Designed For Quick Setup

Dual-Vessel Purification System Designed For Quick Setup
CP 20K-10 skid system from TIGG Corp.

The CP 20K-10 activated carbon dual-vessel skid system from TIGG Corp. is designed for short-term water purification projects and compliance monitoring.

Units can be run in series or parallel and are capable of purifying more than 2.16 mgd. Each system can purify water at a maximum flow of 1,500 gpm (in parallel mode) and holds up to 40,000 pounds of granular activated carbon (GAC). It has a maximum pressure of 125 psi and maximum operating temperature of 130 degrees F.

“Using a two-vessel system running in series allows water to flow through the carbon bed in the primary vessel and then through a carbon bed as a secondary vessel,” says William Bland, chief engineer for TIGG.

“Both activated carbon adsorption vessels in TIGG’s CP20K-10 Skid System have three sample ports. This permits an operator to check for contaminant breakthrough at different levels in the carbon bed and determine when the vessel’s media is almost spent,” Bland says of the carbon bed, which can last for months without replenishment, depending on the amount and type of contaminates that it processes.

The dual-vessel system enables spent carbon to be changed out without having to shut down the purification process. Spent carbon can be reactivated or taken to a landfill for disposal. With few moving parts, the system requires little maintenance.

“The biggest issues are making sure the tank lining integrity stays intact and that the valves are in working order,” Bland says. Manway gaskets also should be replaced each time the cover is opened during changeouts.

The unit’s 12-valve pipe rack design enables liquid to enter the adsorption vessel from the side rather than the top, resulting in a lower profile. Internal piping distributors ensure even flow and even water treatment. Engineered for easy setup, the 37.5-foot long by 10-foot wide, skid-mounted system can be placed on flat, compacted ground. There is no need for footers or a concrete pad foundation, reducing setup costs. Available for rent or purchase, the skid system sets up in one day and ships on a single flatbed truck for easy delivery. 800/925-0011; www.tigg.com.


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