Process Chemistry and Laboratory Analysis

Biological and chemical processes play a vital role in the breakdown of fats, grease and solids in wastewater. Laboratory testing makes sure these processes are kept in check. Here are several of the innovative products on the market that aid in biological and chemical breakdown, and the laboratory analysis of those processes.
Process Chemistry and Laboratory Analysis
Micronutrient foam control

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Biological and chemical processes play a vital role in the breakdown of fats, grease and solids in wastewater. Laboratory testing makes sure these processes are kept in check. Here are several of the innovative products on the market that aid in biological and chemical breakdown, and the laboratory analysis of those processes.


  Activated carbon

AquaSorb activated carbon from Jacobi Carbons is manufactured from coal, coconut shell and wood raw materials by steam activation. It is supplied as granules, extruded pellets and powders, designed for use in liquid phase treatment to absorb remaining COD and toxic materials. 215/546-3900;


  Micronutrient foam control

Foam Buster micronutrient blend from AQUAFIX controls foaming and reduces filaments in wastewater processes. It is effective on Microthrix parvicella and Nocardia foams and improves degradation of surfactants, emulsions and petroleum hydrocarbon-based products. It contains vitamins, minerals, surface-tension depressants and natural buffering systems that help overcome filament foaming and settling, addressing the root cause of foam and enabling bacteria to digest and break it up. It is effective in oxidation ditches, activated sludge plants, sequencing batch reactors, extended aeration systems and aerobic digesters. 888/757-9577;

  Slow-dissolving chemical block

Citrus Block continuous action, slow-dissolving solid block from Chemtron releases a combination of citrus solvents and nutrients into wastewater facilities. Submersed into solution in a net envelope just below the surface, it helps prevent waterline clogging and sludge formation and eliminates hydrogen sulfide. It keeps surfaces free of organic waste and greases and keeps lift station walls clean as water rises and falls, while also controlling odor. 954/584-4530;


  Odor, temperature and algae-controlling tank cover

Tank and lagoon cover systems from Geomembrane Technologies control odor and temperature and block sunlight to control algae growth and chlorine loss. Their high-strength, UV-protected coated fabric is tensioned across low-profile aluminum arches that span tank openings. The cover is secure, yet detaches easily for access for inspection or maintenance. Rainwater runs to the tank perimeter. The fabric is durable and resistant to wastewater environments. Aluminum hatches can be located in the walkways for inspection or sampling, or fabric hatches can be located in the fabric covers. 506/452-7304;

  Lab automation enclosure

Enclosures from HEMCO isolate liquid handling workstations, HPLC equipment, sample weighing, high-throughput screening, powders handling and other processes by providing exhaust air systems or HEPA-filtered clean workstations. They protect personnel from hazardous fumes and processes from lab contamination. Using a flexible, modular design, they are built to customer size and design requirements. 800/779-4362;

  Chemical storage enclosure

Chemical storage enclosures from RM Products provide continuous fiberglass material from floor to wall to ceiling. Fiberglass will not rot, rust or corrode in the presence of corrosive chemicals. All buildings are factory assembled and ready to use on delivery. Units can be relocated with a forklift or tilt-and-load truck. 800/363-0867;

  Self-supporting aluminum dome

The Ultradome roof from Ultraflote Corporation is custom engineered. The self-supporting aluminum dome allows maximum overhead space and allows interference-free equipment operation. The extruded aluminum flat cover for rectangular and round tanks has interlocking panels of reinforced extruded aluminum planks creating a strong but lightweight, corrosion-resistant structure. 713/461-2100;

Laboratory Supplies and Services

  Circulating bath

Circulating baths from PolyScience, Div. of Preston Industries, are versatile temperature control products designed to streamline work processes. Available with six controllers, they offer a wide range of functions, with temperature ranges from -40 to 200 degrees C. They offer time/temperature programming capabilities and include multiple connectivity options. Remote on/off and external temperature probe ports are built in. 800/229-7569;

Sampling Systems

  Duckbill composite sampling system

The Automatic Duckbill Composite Sampling System from Markland Specialty Engineering helps municipal and industrial plants automate composite sampling of tanks, sumps, open channels and sewers, and monitor process slurries and effluent. Users program the controller to sample based on time or by a flowmeter, and can collect from multiple sites simultaneously, facilitating the monitoring required for environmental regulatory compliance. Manual samples may be called in at any time without affecting the normal sampling interval. It uses compressed air and a rubber duckbill, acting as a check valve, to move complete samples up high lifts (over 79 feet) and over long runs (more than 98 feet), even in freezing temperatures. The system is explosion-proof, and lines are blown clear and dry, in a self-cleaning action, after each sample. 905/873-7791;

  Automated sampling system

The SampleManager 11 laboratory information management system from Thermo Fisher Scientific helps users make choices about workflow, instrument integration and data reporting for management metrics or regulatory requirements. Lab personnel can use the system workflow to automate decisions, saving time and simplifying user interactions. Workflow capabilities allow lab managers to easily model their processes. 800/637-3739;

Testing Equipment

  Portable bacterial analyzer

The GreenLight from Baseline is a portable instrument that performs bacterial analysis on wastewater. In as little as 45 minutes, it calculates the total aerobic bacteria count in any water supply. Its operation is based on respiration of aerobic bacteria: measurement of oxygen determines the levels of live active bacteria in water streams. 800/321-4665;

  Microwave moisture/solids analyzer

The SMART Turbo microwave moisture/solids analyzer from CEM Corporation provides total solids determination in less than 3 minutes and can measure TSS and total solids in wastewater and sludge. Rapid, precise analysis helps control the treatment process and reduce costs through effective dewatering and more efficient polymer usage, optimizing solids content. Its IntelliTemp temperature feedback system constantly monitors weight loss and sample temperature, adjusting power accordingly so that the sample is thoroughly dry without being overheated. The system is simple to operate and methods are easily transferable from unit to unit. 800/726-3331;

  Chlorine sensor

The Model CDA-22 high-accuracy polarographic amperometric sensor from Electro-Chemical Devices measures chlorine dioxide in concentrations from 0.05 to 20 ppm ClO2 and operates at temperatures from 32 to 122 degrees F. It easily and cost-effectively fits into municipal chlorine monitoring systems. 800/729-1333;

  Online analyzer

The Applikon DI Alert online analyzer from Metrohm USA is preconfigured and delivered ready to analyze and monitor all common ion concentrations in water. Systems are available for more than 20 parameters, with two base techniques that allow analysis of ammonia, calcium, chloride, free and total chlorine, copper, iron, nickel, nitrate, phosphate, silica and zinc. Depending on the desired analyte, a colorimetric or ion-selective approach is chosen. It integrates easily with existing processes. 866/638-7646;

  Portable VOC monitor

The TOX-BOX VOC portable volatile organic compound (VOC) gas monitor from Mil-Ram Technology provides fixed-system features packed in a weatherproof, portable analyzer designed for dependable service under demanding field conditions. It features PID photoionization sensor technology 10.6 eV for more than 400 different gases. It is easily configured through an operator interface consisting of front-panel push-button switches and a large backlit LCD display. It has a rechargeable lead-acid battery or continuous AC adapter operation. An onboard pump continuously draws gas samples across the sensors. Alarm relays are fully programmable in low/mid/high/fault, and are easily configured for nonlatching/latching, nonenergized/energized and 0 to 255 second time delay. 888/464-5726;

  Multiparameter colorimeter

The MC500 multiparameter colorimeter from Orbeco-Hellige tests for a wide range of water-quality parameters and is suited for field or laboratory. With an open reagent system (using Powder Pack, stable tablets and liquid reagents) it has a six-LED photodetector array that supports more than 90 preprogrammed methods, including DPD chlorine, COD, phosphate and molybdate. Features include 1,000 data point storage, new method uploads via the internet, an infrared interface for data transfer to a computer and a user calibration mode. 800/922-5242;

  Probe-style analyzer

The M1000 probe-style analyzer from Real Tech is suited for many heavy organic-laden monitoring applications and for monitoring UV transmittance for wastewater disinfection. It is designed for accuracy and reliability in open-channel or nonpressurized applications. 877/779-2888;

  Total organic carbon analyzer

The TOC-4200 online total organic carbon analyzer from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments incorporates the industry-standard 680-degree C combustion catalytic oxidation method to support fast, sensitive analyses from 5 to 20,000 mg C/L full-scale. It uses multiple pretreatment units to match samples characteristics and has a multifunctional sample injector and onboard air purifier. A high-salt sample combustion tube kit increases maintenance intervals by 10 times. A carrier gas purification function is standard. A multifunctional sample injector allows generation of a multipoint calibration curve from a single high standard. 800/477-1227;

  Laboratory testing service

WesTech Engineering offers complete laboratory testing facilities to assist in project planning. Their laboratory technicians are specialists in filtration, sedimentation and flotation. Careful testing and analysis of a submitted sample can provide the answers to the most difficult process problems, helping to establish design parameters and size equipment based upon bench scale testing results. Comprehensive reports are sent to the customer and the information is then used to discuss the most effective water or wastewater treatment options with process experts. Bench scale units are also available for rental or purchase for use at a testing facility. 801/265-1000;


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