Lasting Control for Filter Flies and Midges

Cost-effective Strike products can be used everywhere midge and filter flies are a problem

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Lasting Control for Filter Flies and Midges

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Midges and filter flies are a threat to the performance of wastewater treatment facilities. They alter water quality, clog pipes, and in extreme cases, transmit pathogens. All of this can have a major financial impact on an operation. Strike products break the life cycles of midges and filter flies to prevent future generations from developing. All three formulations of Strike products have an environmentally friendly mode of action that allows them to be added directly into wastewater process, making application easy and nonintrusive so that business can continue to operate as usual. 

Filter flies populate in trickle filters and sludge drying beds while midges tend to populate in clarifiers, aeration bins, oxidation ditches, lagoons, ponds and reservoirs. Strike products can be used everywhere midge and filter flies are a problem. It breaks down rapidly after killing larvae. Because Strike products have lower use rates than other biorational products, they are very cost-effective for fighting midge and filter fly infestations. 

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