Reduce Sludge Cake by 60% Without Thermal Drying With Elode Dehydrator

Sludge cake reduction is what many plant operators have in mind lately with ever-increasing disposal costs. But further reduction equipment can be costly and inefficient. What option do you have?                                       

Elode dehydrator                  

An Electro-Osmosis Dehydrator might be a better option for a lot of plants. In just three minutes, it removes far more water after typical sludge cake is dewatered using a belt press, screw press, rotary press or centrifuge.

“Imagine reducing your sludge disposal cost by 60% and landfill acceptable by having much drier sludge cake,” says an Elode spokesperson. “One way is to add a costly thermal dryer and boil all the water away using a lot of heat, but a better method could be to use this new dehydrator.”

The Elode dehydrator can reduce your cake weight efficiently at a lower expense and equipment cost. This compact machine can easily retrofit in line with many existing presses, according to the manufacturer.

No heat energy

This dewatering machine does not use thermal heat energy to pull water away from your sludge cake. It is so efficient the sludge cake never gets too hot to the touch, according to the spokesperson. It uses electrical potential difference in the sludge cake to separate water in the process and it works on 95% of municipal wastewater treatment plant sludge cakes tested, according to Elode. That is done without any chemical, polymer, heat or mechanical press. 

“Discover all the benefits of Elode dehydrator, turning out 15% dry solids cake to 40%, or your 20% dry solids cake to 45% almost instantly,” says the spokesperson. “Ask to see how much your sludge cake could be reduced. It could be far easier than you might think.”

Elode USA’s main product is the Electro-Osmosis Dehydrator and related equipment.

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