Product Spotlight - February 2020

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Without proper detection, trace metals in a water system can lead to human and environmental health risks. To combat this issue, Aqua Metrology Systems offers the MetalGuard online trace metals analyzer that enables facilities to gain real-time control of the performance of water treatment/remediation systems, acting as a “canary in the mine” by providing alerts when these systems fail.

When integrated into a drinking water, process or wastewater remediation control, the device helps enhance regulatory compliance with trace metal standards. The online analyzer provides automated, unattended measurement of trace metal contaminants such as arsenic, hexavalent chromium, selenium and more across municipal and industrial sectors.

“The system features a self-regenerating sensor that contributes to the system’s long life and robust uptime,” says Rick Bacon, CEO of Aqua Metrology Systems. “The self-calibrating system also minimizes the risk of false positives and negatives.”

The analyzer supports intelligent water treatment systems, since real-time sensing optimizes performance to avoid under- or overtreatment. Any deterioration in system performance is signaled to permit timely intervention. Online trace metal analyzers help users protect the environment from harmful contaminants while controlling operational and treatment costs. The system delivers accurate and reliable results (up to 1 ppb or plus or minus 15%, whichever is higher) with a typical measurement time of less than 30 minutes. It also allows for manually collected samples to be analyzed.

“The device helps users make informed decisions throughout all phases of contaminant remediation, quickly detect changing contaminant levels, monitor critical process steps and optimize chemical usage and related labor costs,” Bacon says. “The efficiency the technology provides also helps to control operational and treatment costs.”

The technology is designed to help maximize media life, extend the time between media replacements, reduce downtime, maximize blend efficiencies and minimize treatment usage, reduce labor and sampling cost, and quickly detect the effectiveness of remediation. The operation of the MetalGuard system is supported with remote, around-the-clock factory monitoring to ensure the quick identification and remediation of operational issues. According to Bacon, the technology has proved its effectiveness.

“We have multiple positive references from end-use clients and engineers; and a number of customers have multiple analyzers,” he says. “Replacement purchases are typical after 10 years.” 



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