Product Spotlight - February 2020

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The energy demand for the water and wastewater industry is approximately 75 billion kWh per year, or about 3% of the electricity consumed in the U.S., according to an Electric Power Research Institute report. Specifically, the aeration process at most wastewater treatment plants accounts for the largest amount of energy consumption and is as much as 40% to 60% of the plant’s total energy usage.

“Turbo blowers are a significant area of innovation in blower design offering energy savings for the wastewater industry,” according to a recent EPA report. It also says that overall there have been, “increases in energy costs for the wastewater industry.” Additionally, the EPA suggests, “Equipment upgrades and operational modifications to reduce energy should not be one-time events, but should be incorporated into a comprehensive energy review and management strategy.”

In an effort to combat that high energy usage, Inovair has introduced two new series of geared single-stage centrifugal blowers designed for smaller plants to significantly cut plant energy usage, offer improved functionality and intelligent controls, resulting in thousands in operating cost savings.

The IC Series — in ratings from 5 to 50 hp — is designed to deliver cost-effective and durable solutions for smaller wastewater facilities. The IC system design minimizes the footprint and allows the use of standard NEMA premium efficiency motors and variable-frequency drives along with a simple and affordable integrated control system.

The units can achieve 10% to 35% energy savings versus other types of blowers, according to the manufacturer. The units include an automatic belt tensioner, high-flow synthetic intake filter and quiet belt drive. Flow capacities range from 150 to 1,200 cfm.

The IM Series is a truly modular blower design. Offering high efficiency and turndown, modules can be deployed singly or in a stacked configuration. The units help treatment plants optimally regulate airflow and avoid overaeration or the blowing off of excess air. The IM Series provides modularity without burdening the overall blower footprint. Stacked units provide up to 4-1 turndown, with flow capacities ranging from 300 to 3,600 cfm and motor power rating from 20 to 75 hp per module.

Both models have a compact footprint and offer a wide range of airflow demands with a broad turndown for various aeration requirements. Intermittent duty blowers for flush water and backwashing are also available. 855-466-8247;


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