Product Spotlight - July 2019

Product Spotlight - July 2019

Taskmaster TM8500 from Franklin Miller  

Twin-shafted grinders can offer unparalleled solids reduction capabilities for wastewater treatment facilities. The units, which are often installed to keep biosolids pumps from clogging or to keep centrifuges from being switched offline, help precondition biosolids and prevent unplanned maintenance on expensive effluent pumps and dewatering systems. More importantly, they eliminate the safety risks that operators face from removing debris by hand. The Taskmaster TM8500 from Franklin Miller has long been a solid fit for this task.

The TM8500 is a high-performance, twin-shaft grinder that provides powerful size reduction capabilities, easy maintenance and exceptional durability. The unit features cutter cartridge technology that increases unit strength completely and eliminates the need for cutter stack retightening. Because they are constructed using one-twelfth the parts of a traditional grinder, overall durability is increased.

With the Taskmaster TM8500, banks of individual cutters and spacers are replaced by one-piece cutter cartridges. By eliminating these multiple parts, maintenance is also dramatically simplified. These cutting elements are machined from solid alloy steel or stainless steel using a unique manufacturing process. Each cutter cross-section increases from approximately 5/16 inch to more than 3 3/4 inches, all but eliminating cracking and misalignment. The result is a high-strength grinder that has a remarkable resistance to cutter and spacer cracking, as there are no gaps between cutters to get contaminated and loosen. 

The cutters are installed on two counter-rotating shafts, intermeshing one with another at close clearance to shear and shred solids into fine bits. One shaft feeds solids to the center of the unit while the other shreds them. The output achieved is easily processed by downstream equipment such as pumps, centrifuges and belt filter presses. 

The Taskmaster can be successfully installed in sewage treatment plants, sludge lines, pumping stations, roadside or runway sanitary facilities, institutional waste, or small solid waste applications. These versatile processors reduce rags, plastics, wood, tampons and sanitary napkins to a size small enough to flow through most common drain openings. They can be installed in gravity or pressurized, vertical or horizontal pipe systems on the suction or positive side of a pump.

Standard features include mechanical shaft seals, heavy-duty bearings, automatic control system and a direct gear drive. This heavy, direct-coupled gear drive generates high-torque, low-speed rotation for powerful performance with low noise or vibration. In-feed or discharge conveyor systems are available as an optional add-on. 



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