Product Spotlight: Wastewater - Sewage grinder cuts through today’s waste stream

Product Spotlight: Wastewater - Sewage grinder cuts through today’s waste stream

Sometimes in the wastewater treatment industry, there simply isn’t a need to reinvent the wheel. That is certainly the case with Muffin Monster sewage grinders from JWC Environmental, which have been providing peace of mind to treatment plant operators and collections managers for nearly a half century. The sewage grinder is always ready for rags that can damage pumps, clog valves and foul treatment equipment — helping municipalities avoid costly damage and excessive repairs.

“The purpose of the Muffin Monster is to reduce the size of solids in waste streams down to a size that is harmless to downstream equipment,” says Saretta Brown, vice president of sales and marketing for JWC Environmental. “Those solids can range from wipes, which can clog equipment such as pumps and valves, to rocks and wood that can damage equipment such as screens.”

Muffin Monsters are installed in a wide range of locations — at pump stations to allow pumps to operate trouble-free, at headworks to prevent large solids from damaging equipment, and before or after digesters to prevent debris build-up in the digesters, themselves, and prevent solids from damaging the equipment that dries the sludge, such as centrifuges and heat exchangers. The original 30K Muffin Monster covers flows from 450 to 2,450 gpm and has the ability to not only cut through rags and other solids, but also precondition biosolids to a uniform consistency prior to digestion. The 30K units are also commonly installed within dry wells of pump stations to protect pumps from solids found in the collections systems.

Muffin Monster units have two rows of hardened steel cutters that rotate at slow speed and with high torque. They are also available with Wipes Ready Technologies specifically designed for shredding wipes and rags, preventing the materials from forming long strips and reweaving in the waste stream. Easy removable cartridge maintenance allows for overhaul without removing the unit from the pipeline. The 30K Units are designed for pipelines up to 12 inches and flows from 450 to 2,450 gpm

“There is a reason why the Muffin Monster has been the market leader over the last 50 years. With 40,000-plus installations worldwide, both customers have respected and appreciated our products and service,” says Brown. “The Muffin Monster is a very well-recognized brand and logo in the wastewater industry, which is only possible due to the positive industry perspective of the product and company.” 800-331-2277;


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