Case Studies: Pumps, Blowers, Drives, Valves

Case Studies: Pumps, Blowers, Drives, Valves

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Liquid-only, low-horsepower pump systems replace grinders 

Problem: The Grizzly Ranch deluxe community in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, faced problems with wastewater collection and treatment. On-lot grinder pumps at each household broke down every few years, costing about $3,000 each to repair or replace. The sequencing batch reactor treatment system had never been turned on due to low flows; it required at least 10,000 gpd, and the community never reached that amount because of slow buildout and seasonal residents.

Solution: District general manager Aaron Corr and retired Grizzly Ranch resident and community wastewater project manager Daniel Smith consulted with Orenco Systems, Pace Supply and Shaw Engineering. They replaced failed grinder pumps with liquid-only systems that include long-lasting, low-horsepower effluent pumps. Liquid from the septic tanks’ clear zone is sent by 1/2 hp, 115-volt AC effluent pumps through small-diameter force mains to the treatment facility. An AdvanTex AX-Max Wastewater Treatment System replaced the SBR, providing year-round treatment of inconsistent flows. Units were installed in stages as the development grew. The system feeds high-quality effluent to the community’s golf course irrigation pond.

Result: The AdvanTex system makes treated effluent was available for irrigation, and so the facility was reclassified for wastewater reclamation. 800-348-9843;   


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