Product News - July 2019

Teledyne ISCO LaserFlow Ex flow measurement sensor

The LaserFlow Ex noncontact velocity sensor from Teledyne ISCO is designed for intrinsically safe locations. The subsurface flow measurement sensor is certified for hazardous areas classified as Class 1, Div. 1, Zone 0 and ATEX category 1G. The LaserFlow Ex can remotely measure flow in open channels with noncontact Laser Doppler Velocity technology and noncontact Ultrasonic Level technology. The sensor measures velocity with a laser beam pointed below the surface of the water or wastewater stream. It offers built-in diagnostic tools, simple installation and minimal maintenance, which reduces the number of site visits. With a variety of communication options, programming and data retrieval can be performed from a remote location. 800-228-4383;

Wastecorp Pumps Super Duty TVP vacuum pumps 

The Super Duty line of vacuum pumps from Wastecorp Pumps is available in vacuum trailer, slide-in units or all-terrain vehicle tow packages in capacities ranging from 40 gallons up to 2,500 gallons. Super Duty TVP Series vacuum pumps are focused on the municipal and industrial pump markets. The pumps are completely customizable by the end user with vacuum power ranges from 127 to 520 cfm. Gas, diesel and electric models are available. Model options include Department of Transportation-compliant vacuum trailers or stationary slide-in vacuum pumps. 888-829-2783;

Blue-White Industries Digi-Meter F-2000 Series

The F-2000 Series electronic, digital paddle wheel flowmeters from Blue-White Industries monitor flow in a wide variety of applications. The units measure water ranges from 0.4 to 8,000 gpm and feature an easily visible, eight-digit LCD readout with up to four decimal positions. The meter is field programmable via the front panel touchpad, and the panel is equipped with a security lockout. It is designed to accommodate pipe or wall mount installations. The insertion-style F-2000 displays flow rate, total flow and includes an NPN open-collector output for communication with data loggers, SCADA systems and other external devices. Additional features include 4-20mA/0-10 volts DC, batch processing, a high/low flow-rate alarm output and front panel security lockout. It comes factory programmed with a calibration certificate. 714-893-8529;

Watts Water Technologies QuadRail fastener system

Watts Water Technologies’ new QuadRail fastener system is designed to hold a wide variety of Watts tubing and pipe in a substrate such as concrete, thin slab and sand. It is ideal for radiant heating/cooling or snowmelt applications, where the rails can be secured to foam board insulation, wood subflooring or turf using staples, screw or nails. The system is injection molded of durable nylon, and it’s flexible to easily follow the contour of the surface that it is being attached to. Each rail is 4 feet long with interlocking ends, and they are available in bundles of 10. 978-688-1811;


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