Product Focus - July 2019


Gardner Denver Robuschi RB-DV

The Robuschi RB-DV deep-vacuum rotary lobe blower from Gardner Denver is capable of running continuously at 27 inches Hg, with free airflow ranges from 494 to 6,676 cfm. Its air injection mechanism offers a cooler running, more fuel-efficient blower. Its design offers high overhung load capacity, meaning it will be up to the task of handling the frame flex and forces when positioning the truck. With no wearing parts and dry operating technology, it is easy on the maintenance bill. 866-428-4890;

Robuschi RB-DV rotary lobe blower from Gardner Denver

Howden 827 DVJ

The 827 DVJ dry-vacuum blower from Howden is a heavy-duty unit with integral ductile iron impellers. The casing headplates, gear cover and drive-end are gray iron. Carburized and ground spur timing gears are taper-mounted on the shaft and secured with a locknut, cylindrical roller bearings, splash lubrication on both ends, and easy-to-read sight glasses for maintenance. The blower is capable of handling high inlet temperatures for rough applications. Its efficient discharge jet plenum design allows cool atmospheric air to flow into the cylinder, so the blower continues to run under blank-off conditions. It comes in a compact, lightweight package and is capable of delivering more than 5,700 cfm in an 8-inch gear diameter frame, as well as 28 inches Hg. 800-557-6687;

827 DVJ dry-vacuum blower from Howden

NamWon Turbo One blowers

Blowers from NamWon Turbo One are equipped with high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motors, boasting their maximum efficiency of around 98%. They include the latest innovations in air bearing, precision, machining impeller, high-speed high-efficiency permanent magnet motor, high-speed control inverter, automatic control logic, and system design. They use an airfoil bearing that employs air as a lubricant, meaning they do not need separate lubricant and have a long service life. Maintenance costs are low because only the suction filter is replaced. There is no vibration and no need for separate soundproofing with a noise of 70 to 80 dB. 821-544-2280;

Blowers from NamWon Turbo One

Motor and Pump Controls

Gorman-Rupp Integrinex Advanced

Integrinex Advanced lift station controls from Gorman-Rupp are custom engineered to meet unique system requirements. When equipped with FloSmart technology, the control system can detect a pump obstruction and run a cleaning cycle until the debris clears. Upon detection, the device initiates a cleaning operation without interfering with the operation of the pump station. When the cycle is complete, the pump is ready to return to normal operation. If the clog remains, the cleaning sequence repeats until the blockage is cleared. FloSmart helps maximize uptime while reducing maintenance costs. 419-755-1011;

Integrinex Advanced lift station controls from Gorman-Rupp

PRIMEX Pump Watch Express

Pump Watch Express from PRIMEX is a comprehensive family of 4G LTE/3G compact cellular RTUs and Gateways used for monitoring pumping systems. It offers a simple tool for management of multiple sites, including alarm notification, data logging and graphic system visualization. It includes a lithium-ion backup battery for power loss detection and notification, SMS/email/web portal alarm notifications, graphic HMI with simple and clear station status display, interactive pumping station map, data logging and historical trending, first year of service included, and optional web portal customization. The NEMA 4X control panels come in three versions: lite, premium and gateway. 844-477-4639;

Pump Watch Express from PRIMEX

Pulsafeeder Blackline Pro

Whether measuring for water-quality control in boilers or adding chemicals needed for municipal water treatment, the Blackline Pro from Pulsafeeder delivers the mode of operation needed. It offers 10 operating modes (including constant, batch, pause-work, weekly program, analog mA, analog volt, PPM, pause-percentage, MLQ and pause), is easy to update via USB port and can be retrofitted on existing Blackline pumps. The dosing system has an intuitive display and easy navigation Jog-dial-selector to reduce the time required to make dosing changes, and an easy-to-read, color-coded view provides visual alerts when the system is running, it needs maintenance, or a failure has occurred. Modbus controls connectivity enables the user to monitor their system remotely to identify potential maintenance needs. 800-333-6677;

Blackline Pro pump from Pulsafeeder


Greyline Instruments AVFM 6.1

The AVFM 6.1 area-velocity flowmeter from Greyline Instruments includes digital signal processing and advanced algorithms to provide easy and accurate flow measurement of flows in partially filled pipes, channels, canals and turnouts. No flume or weir is required, as a submersible ultrasonic sensor measures velocity and level simultaneously to calculate flow, so there are no moving parts to wear, foul or clog. It has a built-in five-button keypad, intuitive menu, and large backlit LCD. At a glance, view flow rate, velocity, level, totalizer, relay status and important diagnostic information on the LCD. It has three isolated 4-20mA outputs for flow rate, velocity and level, and two relay outputs for pulse output or alarm. It can monitor flow rate, volume total, run hours and diagnostic information through only two wires with the optional Modbus RTU serial communication output. 888-473-9546;

AVFM 6.1 area-velocity flowmeter from Greyline Instruments

Halogen Valve Systems Terminator Actuator

The Terminator Actuator from Halogen Valve Systems is a safety device that automatically closes a chlorine cylinder or ton container valve in case of a leak or emergency. It is easily installed on either cylinders or ton containers that use standard U.S.-style chlorine valves. It is a DC-powered impact device that provides 40 to 50 ft-lbs of emergency closing torque as recommended by the Chlorine Institute. It uses the Gemini controller to provide power and logic to the actuator. The Gemini is a two-channel controller with an integral 12-volt battery that provides main and backup power. It provides a remote activation input for panic switches, gas detectors or activation via SCADA, and also offers a relay output that indicates when an emergency close operation has been performed. 949-261-5030;

Terminator Actuator from Halogen Valve Systems


DSN Series switch-rated plugs and receptacles with Decontactor technology and push-button circuit disconnection from MELTRIC provide safety and convenience. Type 4X/IP69 environmental ratings help ensure watertight connections ideal for water and wastewater applications. Silver-nickel contacts, stainless steel components and chemical-resistant housings help withstand corrosion. Butt-style pressure contacts ensure effective electrical connections, even in dusty or dirty environments. They are UL/CSA switch- and HP-rated and available in models from 20 to 150 amps. Lockout/tagout capability and optional integral pilot contacts help make plant operations safer and more efficient. They are NFPA 70E “line-of-sight” compliant and are suitable for fast, easy plug-and-play equipment changeouts. 800-433-7642;

DSN Series plugs and receptacles from MELTRIC

RELINER/Duran Inside Drop Bowls

Eliminate troublesome outside drops and clean up failed inside drops. RELINER/Duran Inside Drop Bowls and stainless steel pipe support brackets simply bolt to the manhole wall and can be cleaned and inspected from above. The compact, low-profile bowls are available in dozens of sizes to fit any application. Modular Manhole Invert Channels improve manhole hydraulics, reducing maintenance, turbulence and odor. 800-508-6001;

Inside Drop Bowl from RELINER/Duran


Boerger BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pump

The BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pump from Boerger is a self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pump used to convey viscous and abrasive materials. There are 21 pump models in six series with pulsation-free operation, fully reversible rotation, dry-run capabilities and flow rates up to 7,500 gpm. The pumps are stable and wear-resistant with a maintenance-in-place design that allows for all wetted parts to be easily replaced through the front cover without the removal of pipe or drive systems. 612-435-7300;

BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pump from Boerger

Cat Pumps 3545

A Cat Pumps 3545 can help boost the filter press cleaning process. After the filter cakes are removed from the press, the clogged filter cloths need to be washed. Adequate cleaning is achieved by using an integral, automated spray arm mechanism that applies water at high pressure. The high-pressure pump system provides 45 gpm at 700 psi to quickly and thoroughly remove obstructive sediment. Out-of-service time can be reduced, leading to more uptime and higher productivity. 763-780-5440;

3545 pump from Cat Pumps

Delta Treatment Systems ECOFILTER Pump Vault

Filter media in the ECOFILTER Pump Vault from Delta Treatment Systems reduces biological loading and clogging, prolonging the life of downstream drainfields and other treatment systems. Quick to install in new or existing tanks, it is a completely integrated system for pumping effluent from single- or double-compartment tanks. It draws effluent from the clarified zone of the tank to minimize suspended solids passing through the pump system. The easy-access design maximizes the filter surface area and simplifies filter inspection and maintenance by enabling filter cartridge removal without pulling the pump or vault, according to the manufacturer. Featuring a dual-compartment housing for simplex or duplex applications, the unit is constructed of high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors for longevity. The float stem bracket allows easy removal and adjustment of the float assembly. The unit is customizable for any project need, including septic tank effluent pump collection systems. 800-219-9183;

ECOFILTER Pump Vault from Delta Treatment Systems

Flygt - a Xylem Brand Experior

The Experior pump from Flygt - a Xylem Brand has state-of-the-art hydraulics and premium efficiency motors, and its N-technology and SmartRun control provide optimal wastewater pumping. Other features include adaptive N-hydraulics for clog-free, energy-saving performance. Its self-cleaning functionality operates independently of rotational speed. The pump’s SmartRun control is preprogrammed to meet specific wastewater requirements. 855-995-4261;

Experior pump from Flygt - a Xylem Brand

Franklin Electric Pioneer Pump Vortex Series 

Pioneer Pump Vortex Series pumps from Franklin Electric pass through the most challenging solids using a recessed impeller that avoids direct contact. The pumps are suited for applications where fluid conditioning, macerating or mix-prevention is unnecessary. The vortex technology eliminates internal wetted parts, like wear plates and chopper blades, which would otherwise have to be monitored, adjusted and replaced. A range of electric and diesel packaging options are offered for fixed and portable installations and can be fitted with the Pioneer Prime vac-assist system for suction lift applications. The pumps are available in 4-by-4, 6-by-6 and 8-by-8 sizes and cover flow rates up to 3,600 gpm and heads up to 150 feet. 260-824-2900;

Pioneer Pump Vortex Series pumps from Franklin Electric

JAECO Fluid Systems JaecoPAK

JaecoPAK metering pumps from JAECO Fluid Systems are most commonly used for chemical metering and desalinization in multiple applications. They are available in both simplex and duplex configurations with pump capacities ranging from 0.38 to 150 gph at operating pressures up to 2,000 psi with an accuracy of plus or minus 0.5%. They are cast iron with a choice of 316 stainless steel or alloy 20 liquid ends with single ball or poppet check valves. Choose between neoprene, Viton or Teflon packing options and a single- or three-phase 12- or 24-volt electric motor, gas-powered engine or belt-driven option. They are completely serviceable. 877-778-3456;

JaecoPAK metering pumps from JAECO Fluid System

Myers Seth Pump DD-6

The DD-6 from Myers Seth Pump pulls the best attributes of four different types of pumps — double diaphragm, centrifugal, piston and rotary lobe — into one solution. It is capable of being used for the six most common methods of dewatering that are typically encountered on a job site, from simple to complex. The 6-inch, high-volume, double-diaphragm pump has a HATZ 1D81Z, 10 hp air-cooled diesel engine, enabling 140 max cfm. It features high head pressure and 3/8-inch steel construction to make it reliable and durable. It can pump 700 gpm, deliver 28 feet of vertical lift and move 4 1/2-inch solids, making it a great sludge and slurry pump as well. The Sound Attenuated Fully Enclosed version reduces noise output by up to 50%, making it ideal for metropolitan and urban environments. 904-389-6114;

DD-6 trailer pump from Myers Seth Pump

ScreencO Systems Patz Shaft Drive Pumps

Patz Shaft Drive Pumps, distributed by ScreencO Systems, are vertical pit pumps that can be used in aboveground or underground storage tanks and include choices of single- or three-phase electric motors. They have high solids and grit capacities with large centrifugal pumps and hardened steel impellers. High capacities include the 3333 series up to 500 gpm, and the 4444 series up to 1,580 gpm. They can be deployed in depths from 3 feet to 12 feet 8 inches. The 6000 and 8000 series have a three-point hitch with PTO drive and can offer up to 3,500 gpm at depths from 6 to 12 feet. They can be used with an agitator nozzle to mix and pump fast. The 616 vertical prop agitator is capable of mixing at 9,000 gpm, keeping grit and solids mixed at pit depths of 6 to 16 feet. 208-790-8770;

Patz Shaft Drive Pumps, distributed by ScreencO Systems


ASCO Series 212 composite valve

ASCO Series 212 composite valves meet the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act standards and are certified by NSF International. They are intended for use in clean-water applications, such as water purification, conditioning and distribution. The modular FasN end connector design is versatile to include three connection types (solvent bond, NPT thread, turn and lock), giving OEMs more flexibility in their piping installation. They are available in 3/8- to 1-inch pipe sizes and include conduit hub, leaded and DIN electrical connections. 973-966-2082;

Series 212 composite valves from ASCO

Siemens Process Instrumentation Sipart PS100

The Sipart PS100 valve positioner from Siemens Process Instrumentation can be initialized at the touch of a button, automatically adjusting itself to the attached valve. If required, it is possible to optimize the positioner for a specific application with just one touch of a button. It can be set to different modes for precise and fast adjustment, open/close operation and other applications. These functionalities save time, cut the costs of commissioning and increase the return on investment. Its large, easy-to-read display allows users to see the status at a glance. Its four-button operation allows the device to be configured quickly and conveniently. The enclosure comes in polycarbonate or aluminum to withstand the harshest of environments. It uses contactless technology to detect the valve position, eliminating wear, extending service life and facilitating easier, faster commissioning. 800-365-8766;

Sipart PS100 valve positioner from Siemens Process Instrumentation


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