Geomembrane Tank Covers Control Odor, Algae Growth

Geomembrane Tank Covers Control Odor, Algae Growth
Defender tank covers from Environetics

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Defender tank covers from Environetics are custom manufactured to fit the profile of new or existing potable water or wastewater treatment tanks.

Designed for odor containment, thermal retention and algae control, the custom-designed and built covers feature a Series 6000 aluminum frame (not all covers) with light-blocking XR5 UV-resistant geomembrane panels.

“It’s a very durable material that provides a low-cost solution for water or wastewater treatment systems,” says Richard Winters, vice president.

Applications include sand filters or other types of filter tanks exposed to sunlight and subject to algae growth. While algae can be controlled with chemicals, preventing growth from taking place saves on chemical costs and manpower needed to clean the tanks, he says.

The modular system is built in 8-foot-wide segments for assembly on site; framework attaches to concrete or steel tanks using a mechanical seal.

“All pipe penetration goes through the framework,” Winters says. “If there’s a need to perform major maintenance, the cover system can be lifted off using a crane and placed to the side so work can be performed, leaving the framework attached to the tank. When work is completed, the cover can be lifted back into place without having to reseal the in-frame pipe penetrations.”

Boots are available for installing piping through the membrane cover. Frames include stainless steel lifting lugs for easy cover removal.

A cost-effective alternative to aluminum or fiberglass, the covers require little to no maintenance and are snow-load rated based on local building codes.

“You don’t have to paint them. There are no coatings that have to be applied,” Winters says. “We’ve had the geomembrane material in service in the field for over 35 years in outdoor applications without any maintenance whatsoever. There’s really nothing you have to do with them. You set them and forget them.”

Cover options include locking manway access hatches, hinged equipment access doors, circular inspection and sample ports, and gravity or pressure-operated louvered vents for odor control. 815/838-8331;


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