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Integrated security system installed across all county facilities

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Integrated security system installed across all county facilities

Problem: The Department of Facilities Management in Collier County, Fla., maintains and repairs more than 660 county-owned facilities and more than 3 million square feet of building space. County officials wanted to enhance security systems due to continued growth.

Solution: Johnson Controls installed three P2000 systems — one for the jail, one for the courthouse and a third for the rest of the county facilities, including the water and wastewater treatment plants. All security points connected to the systems can be monitored from the building operations center, allowing interaction from security personnel when needed. The system controls more than 470 video surveillance cameras, 350 doors, and elevators and gates in four parking structures.

Result: The security system has worked flawlessly. “We wanted to use a credible provider and a security system that would give us a lot of room to grow,” says Skip Camp, director of Facilities Management. “Johnson Controls and its P2000 security management system provide us that.” 414/524-7324;

Noncontact turbidimeter reduces maintenance

Problem: The Russellville Water Treatment facility in Forsyth, Ga., was spending eight hours per week maintaining its turbidimeters. According to Craig Helms, plant superintendent, the traditional contact turbidimeters required cleaning weekly. Particles would periodically get trapped in the instrument, requiring more extensive cleaning. The light source would degrade over time.

Solution: The plant replaced the turbidimeters with Turbiwell monitors from SWAN Analytical USA. They use a noncontact design, eliminating the need for cleaning. A long-life LED light source with built-in emission intensity monitor eliminates annual replacement and prevents drift.

Result: The new meters reduced maintenance, freeing plant employees for other duties. They also saved $600 per year by eliminating replacement of tungsten lamps. 847/229-1290;

Mag flowmeter solves tough application challenges

Problem: The Water Division in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, needed to replace under-performing flowmeters at two booster stations. The existing meters were maintenance intensive and susceptible to electrical and radio frequency interference from station equipment. The booster stations presented additional challenges in space constraints and irregular flow profiles, making accurate measurement even more difficult.

Solution: The city selected the FPI-X dual-sensor electromagnetic flowmeter from McCrometer. Its dual-sensor configuration is designed to deliver accurate measurement in challenging conditions of severe swirl, multiple pumps, line size variation and interference issues.

Result: The meter’s insertion-style design allowed simple, quick installation within the tight space requirements. There was no need to interrupt service or use heavy equipment. The flowmeter eliminated maintenance issues, saving labor and time. Reliable and accurate flow data allows the utility to optimize the benefits of its SCADA system. 800/220-2279;

Shedding flowmeter helps maintain efficient sludge thickening

Problem: In August 2005, Dundee, Mich., opened a new wastewater treatment plant that faced much stricter effluent limits. Due to the constrained site, engineers selected a membrane bioreactor process and a membrane thickener. The MBT allowed operators to easily thicken waste sludge to 5 percent solids or more, doubling storage tank capacity. The process had to be tightly controlled to protect the membranes and maintain efficient thickening.

Solution: A Universal Flow Monitors CoolPoint vortex shedding flowmeter was chosen to monitor the sludge thickening and permeate. It provides accurate measurement and a stable 4-20 mA flow signal. It requires no maintenance, is repeatable and durable, and interfaces well with the SCADA system.

Result: Plant operators can remotely monitor the MBT process performance and modify the permeate flow as necessary. 866/542-9641;   


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