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Water Scorecard: Compare and Learn!

Keeping tabs on customer water use has never been this easy. See how the Milwaukee Water Works and their newest partner, H20score, are bringing customer data to online portals. In this case, using water wisely even means incentives from local stores. www.wsomag.com/featured

Overheard Online: Respect for the Profession

“We have to value our own profession first. And, we have to take licensing and certification seriously because they matter. No one else is going to help us build our own reputation.” www.wsomag.com/featured

Pound of Prevention: Keepin’ It Safe

Congrats, wastewater industry! According to OSHA, incident reports in the industry have declined, thanks in part to safety and security programs. Find out where injuries are most likely to occur, and what you can do to prevent them. www.wsomag.com/featured

Bacteria and Solar: Energy Times Two

Find out how a new self-sufficient hybrid device uses wastewater and solar power to create energy and clean water. Plus, learn what researchers at the University of California – Santa Cruz have planned next for the technology. www.wsomag.com/featured

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