Metering and Security

Whether tracking customers’ usage, measuring plant raw water flow or feeding chemicals into a process, accurate metering is essential. Manufacturers continue with innovations that make meters accurate, durable, and easy to read and use. Here are some of the newest metering and security products on the market.
Metering and Security
Stainless steel ultrasonic meter

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Whether tracking customers’ usage, measuring plant raw water flow or feeding chemicals into a process, accurate metering is essential. Manufacturers continue with innovations that make meters accurate, durable, and easy to read and use. Here are some of the newest metering and security products on the market.


  Stainless steel ultrasonic meter

The stainless steel E-Series ultrasonic water meter from Badger Meter uses solid-state technology in a compact, encapsulated, weatherproof and UV-resistant housing. It has an easy-to-read 9-digit LCD display and presents consumption, rate of flow, reverse flow indication and alarms. Available with a high-resolution encoder protocol, it sends status indicators as part of an extended meter-reading message. It has extended low-flow accuracy to within 3 percent. The corrosion resistant meter complies with lead-free regulations. 800/876-3837;

  Submerged solids meter

The SmartBob-SS from BinMaster Level Controls is designed for interface applications when the requirement is to measure the level of solid material below a liquid surface, such as measuring settled salt or sediment at water treatment facilities. It automatically drops a weighted bob through the liquid; when the bob contacts solid material at the tank bottom, it retracts and sends a measurement to a control console or a PC loaded with eBob software. It comes configured with a 3-inch standpipe for ease of installation, a corrosion-resistant stainless steel cable, and a SureDrop cap that keeps the weight from being retracted into the pipe. 800/278-4241;

  Hybrid ultrasonic flowmeter

The Sonic-Pro hybrid ultrasonic flowmeter from Blue-White Industries measures flow using Doppler or Transit Time methods. It has noninvasive clamp-on transducers and works with clean or dirty fluids. It can be set up remotely with a Windows PC, providing a view of real-time flow and downloadable data log files. Features include custom metric algorithms and DSP technology, backlit LCD, data logged to a standard SD card format, isolated and fully configurable 4-20 mA output and a computer connection that permits remote access and control for all functions. It can measure flow in pipe from 0.5 to 100 inches. 714/893-8529;

  Flow monitor

The wireless, low-power, multi-sensor open-channel FlowSiren flow monitor with vision sensor from Blue-Siren lets operators measure and view flow conditions using contact and noncontact sensors. It operates for over two years using a single power pack. With IP68 connectors, it is fully submersible and completely encapsulated using impact-proof plastics. Data is automatically uploaded to a server or a hosting platform powered by Earth Monitoring DataBase. Two-way communication allows operators to program sensor alarms, wireless upload frequency and sample rates remotely from a website or tablet. 321/242-0300;

  Clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter

The Arrow Hunter PLUS clamp-on transit-time flowmeter from ECHO Process Instrumentation measures clean or dirty liquid flow in metal or plastic pipes with any liners from 3/8 to 118 inches. It uses Dual DSP technology to measure velocities from 0.03 to 82 feet per second at accuracy within 0.5 percent, repeatable to within 0.15 percent of measured value. It can measure any municipal flow, including low-flow chemical feed. In has hazardous-area sensors for explosion-proof requirements. 850/609-1300;

  Air/gas mass flowmeter

The ST102A air/gas thermal mass flow meter from Fluid Components International (FCI) has a dual-element averaging system that improves installation repeatability and accuracy for larger-diameter pipes and ducts. Applications involving lines 12 inches or greater can improve installation accuracy and repeatability by averaging the flow rates of two elements. The meter overcomes issues with distorted, swirling and nonrepeatable flow profiles. 800/854-1993;

  Flow rate sensor

The RFO sensor from Gems Sensors & Controls uses a RotorFlow paddle wheel design that incorporates high-visibility rotors with solid-state electronics in compact, panel-mounted housings. It provides accurate flow rate measurement with integral visual confirmation. 800/378-1600;

  Noncontacting flowmeter

The DFM 5.0 Doppler Flowmeter from Greyline Instruments measures flow from outside a pipe. The clamp-on ultrasonic sensor mounts on any pipe 1/2-inch-inside-diameter or larger. It is designed for any liquid with bubbles or suspended solids. Calibration and startup is simple with a five-button keypad. Features include a large backlit display and totalizer, isolated 4-20 mA output and two control relays. 888/473-9546;

  Dual wavelength photometer

The eXact Micro 20 dual wavelength photometer from Industrial Test Systems tests more than 30 water-quality parameters with lab-quality accuracy. It has a narrow-band wavelength filter for high accuracy, long-life LEDs and a built-in cell. The unit self-calibrates and automatically selects the optimal wavelength for each test. All tests use the same EZ-3 reagent delivery method. Users dip an eXact Strip into the water sample for 20 seconds with a back-and-forth motion, discard the strip and read the results with the push of a button. The system disperses reagent into samples without leaving suspended solids in the sample vial. 800/861-9712;

  Gas detection meter

The TA-2016MB-WM gas detection wall-mount meter from Mil-Ram Technology has an 8- or 16-channel system using an RS-485 Modbus RTU multi-drop transmitter network. It has four relays (SPDT), 10 amp low/mid/high/fault relays, LED alarm indicators, a local buzzer, backlit LCD auto-scrolls for channel data/fault conditions, an auto-configuration wizard that simplifies channel configuration, continuous diagnostics, an explosion-proof enclosure, external alarm stations and wireless capability. 888/464-5726;

  Digital volumetric meter

The SmartPD digital volumetric meter from Niagara Meters is available in two versions: a nutating disc SND model, and an oscillating piston SOP model. It is two-wire-loop powered and measures volume as well as flow rate. It has a 4-20 mA output with HART communication for flexibility. Various line sizes and base materials are available. 800/778-9251;

  Digital panel meters

PD6080 and PD6081 multi-purpose digital panel meters from Precision Digital display 16 process variables. They are programmable as Modbus RTU masters, slaves or packet sniffers and can accept current and voltage signals. They can read up to 16 slave devices, scale their data and display the results. Three of the front panel buttons can be custom programmed. 800/343-1001;

  Differential pressure transmitter

The battery-powered Differential Pressure Transmitter from Primary Flow Signal provides accurate flow rate and totalization readings for gas, water and chemicals, and for air with temperature limitations. It is portable, long-lasting and lightweight and requires no external power. It mounts easily and can be applied to all Primary Flow Signal meters, such as the WedgeType flowmeter and Venturi flowmeters to provide accuracy in demanding applications. 877/737-3569;

  Dual-transducer ultrasonic flowmeter

The DUET ultrasonic flowmeter from Pulsar Process Measurement uses two separate transducers mounted at different heights above the flow level. They measure the distance to the liquid and analyze both signals. Because the distance between the transducers is known, the speed of sound, at that moment, can be calculated accurately, through the entire sound path, eliminating variations caused by temperature, changes in water temperature in the channel, the angle of the sun, solar radiated heat and seasonal variations. 850/279-4882;

  Residential water meter

The iPERL residential water meter from Sensus provides low-flow accuracy, allowing utilities to capture lost water and revenue. With no moving parts, it needs no maintenance and resists wear, retaining accuracy for the life of the unit. Intelligent alarm capabilities report irregularities. Its lead-free composite alloy flow tube meets government and industry regulatory requirements and maintains stability through a wide range of temperatures. It integrates with the FlexNet system M2 SmartPoint transceiver, offering a range of remote system management options via two-way communications architecture. 800/638-3748;

  Ultrasonic water meter

The wPrime Series 280W-D cold-water ultrasonic water meter from Spire Metering Technology is NSF 61 Annex G certified and combines low-lead brass construction with ultrasonic signal processing for highly sensitive flow measurement. The meter has no moving parts and detects leaks as low as a few drops per second. With bronze alloy construction and vacuum-sealed design, it is completely submersible and impervious to sand, sediment and condensation. It reliably integrates with AMR/AMI networking solutions using M-Bus, radio and pulse. 888/738-0188;

Security Equipment/Systems

  Cellular autodialer

The CVD-2000PS Cellular Autodialer from Global Water, a Xylem brand, provides direct, immediate notification of emergencies. With no landline, it can be installed where needed and call out using a cellular connection. It is easy to install and configure and operates on AC power, but includes a rechargeable battery for remote locations. It includes an AD200-4 autodialer, cellular phone and AC adapter. It is easy to program via the onboard keypad, LCD display and built-in speaker. 979/690-5560;

  Security management platform

The Itron Security Manager (ISM) enables secure communications and data privacy between endpoints and authorized data collection systems. It uses cryptography to authenticate and encrypt two-way communications. It also acts as a centralized key manager, generating, importing, exporting and backing up keys. It provides core system administration, such as creating accounts and roles and assigning permissions. 866/374-8766;

  Security monitor

The Real UV254 security monitor from Real Tech can detect problematic organic contaminants in water without reagents by utilizing UV light. The analyzer’s design with 250 mm pathlength allows for a high level of sensitivity to detect down to 10 ppb of various organic contaminants. It also features rapid detection with a 10 to 15 second response time and 4-20 mA or RS232 communications. It was evaluated by the U.S EPA’s National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) Technology Testing and Evaluation Program (TTEP) to gauge its response to toxic industrial chemicals in drinking water. 877/779-2888;


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