System accurately meters low-pressure wet digester gas

System accurately meters low-pressure wet digester gas
Schematic diagram of a typical Halmi Insert Venturi flowmeter installation.

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The HVT-DG Halmi Insert Venturi differential flowmeter from Primary Flow Signal provides accurate measurement of biogas from wastewater treatment digesters. The unit is designed specifically to provide reliable service even with very low line pressure and dirty, wet gas environments.

“The HVT-DG is a custom metering solution designed for the specific conditions of each application,” observes Jeff Smith, national sales manager. When installed with the company’s PFS-MV Flowmaster fully integrated secondary metering system, the readout compensates for line conditions, greatly improving accuracy.

“To examine biogas-to-energy use, plants must account for a wide range of site-specific conditions affected by biogas quantity and quality,” says Smith. “The HVT-DG provides accurate biogas quantity measurements that capture heat energy for process heating or flaring surplus gas, and for energy recovery devices like boilers, engines and microturbines.”

The device has no moving parts and no electronic components that could corrode in the harsh biogas environment. A manual vent cleaner enables removal of particles from the meter, helping to ensure that debris does not compromise flow measurement.

It maintains an accuracy of ±0.25 percent based on hydraulic calibration. It is made of non-corrosive materials and can handle temperatures up to 350 degrees F. Units can be recalibrated in the field, should that become necessary. The line size range is unlimited. 877/737-3569;


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