Seal-Free Pump Design Handles Challenging Fluids

Seal-Free Pump Design Handles Challenging Fluids
Abaque Series pumps by Neptune Chemical Pump Co.

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Abaque Series peristaltic (hose) pumps have a seal-less design that enables them to handle a variety of challenging liquids and slurries in municipal water treatment and other applications. The pumps are manufactured in the United States by Neptune Chemical Pump Co., a part of Pump Solutions Group (PSG).

“The key benefit of these pumps is that they have no seals in contact with the product being delivered,” says Johannes Meijer, global product manager, peristaltic pumps, with PSG. “They can pump very abrasive fluids like waste sludges, with no problem — they are completely abrasion resistant.

“They also resist aggressive corrosives and can pump products that contain gas, such as sodium hypochlorite solutions, without the risk of cavitation. In addition, they can pump shear-sensitive liquids like polymer or waste streams with flocculated materials being sent to filter presses for dewatering.”

The pumps can be cleaned in place, can run in forward or reverse, are self-priming, and offer suction-lift capabilities to 29.5 feet. They can run dry continuously without adversely affecting performance. Ductile iron and steel construction allows them to deliver maximum discharge pressures as high as 217 psi.

Abaque pumps are available in nine models with flow rates from 0.07 to 211 gpm. The pumps can be ordered as bare-shaft pumps or with a variety of drive options. Standard drive configurations include C-face gear reducer or C-face gear reducer with TEFC, explosion-proof or single-phase motors. 215/699-8700;


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