Process Instrumentation and Digital Technology

Process Instrumentation and Digital Technology
Residual chlorine monitor

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  Residual chlorine monitor

The Q46H residual chlorine monitor from Analytical Technology uses a polarographic membrane sensor to measure chlorine directly, without chemical reagents. Automatic pH compensation may be added for the most accurate free chlorine measurement. Monitors are available with one of three digital communications protocols (Modbus/Profibus/Ethernet) or three 4-20 mA outputs for chlorine, pH and temperature. Units are available pre-wired and pre-plumbed with optional sample flow controls. 800/959-0299;

  Process monitoring and controls system

The BNR IntelliPro process monitoring and controls system from Aqua-Aerobic Systems has automatic adjustment capabilities for biological nutrient removal (BNR), and chemical addition. The system provides a link between operations, equipment and treatment goals while saving energy and time. Features include calculation of process parameters, instrumentation feedback, enhanced process trending and status response, and process optimization through Active (automatic) Mode. 800/940-5008;

  Polymer meter

Cold-water engineered polymer meters from Badger Meter are available in 5/8- by 3/4-inch and 3/4-inch square sizes. Made using a lead-free engineered polymer housing and a polymer and stainless steel metering insert, they provide an alternative to stainless steel residential and commercial meters. They use solid-state electronics in an encapsulated, weatherproof and UV-resistant housing and exceed AWWA pressure requirements with reinforced glass fibers for strength and durability. An easy-to-read nine-digit LCD display presents consumption, rate of flow, reserve-flow alarm and other status indicators. The meters are submersible and have an internal battery that lasts up to 20 years. 800/876-3837;

  Open-channel flow monitor

The FlowSiren wireless low-power multi-sensor open-channel flow monitor from Blue-Siren has a vision sensor that lets technicians measure and view flow conditions using contact or non-contact sensors. Advanced power management keeps it collecting and transmitting data for more than a year using four D lithium batteries. It is submersible and waterproof, fully encapsulated and made of impact-proof plastics. Data is automatically uploaded to a server. 321/242-0300;

  Multi-channel transmitter/controller

The MultiCELL Type 8619 multi-channel controller for water treatment from Burkert Fluid Control Systems can be used in reverse osmosis for monitoring functions as a flow indicator, or to measure ORP or percentage retention. It can also be used to regulate pH value and chemical dosing and for ratio control. It is customized to each application. The large, configurable screen with backlighting can display up to four readings, and other parameters and pages can be displayed by scrolling. 800/325-1405;

  Eddy current drive controller

The EC-2000 digital controller from DSI Dynamatic enables digital or analog integration of eddy current drives with digital process control systems, SCADA systems or PLCs. A flexible keypad enables simple and intuitive programming of parameters and digital display of any two status parameters. It achieves responsive, accurate speed control, controlled acceleration and deceleration, selectable local/remote, or manual/automatic speed control, external signal following, and programmable PID speed control. 800/548-2169;

  Dual-input analyzer

The Rosemount Analytical 56 dual-input analyzer from Emerson Process Management has a high-resolution color LCD screen for data trend graphs and SMART-enabled pH, eliminating field calibration of pH probes. With step-by-step QuickStart on-screen prompts, commissioning takes less than two minutes. Wireless network compatibility is included. 800/854-8257;

  Leak detector

The TriCorr Touch from Fluid Conservation Systems uses information from acoustic sensors placed at intervals on a pipeline to identify and locate water leaks. The unit automatically runs 55 filter combinations on the correlation data, allowing it to check the quality of results and optimize filter settings. 800/531-5465;

  Advanced duplex pump controller

The APX pump controller from Franklin Electric supports lead/lag and alternating pump operation and fits water plant applications that need redundancy or variable-capacity pumping. It has HOA switches for local or remote control and dual-run pilot lights that indicate motor operation. It controls three to five float switches, providing redundancy and flexibility. 405/ 228-1204;

  Gas detector

The G450 gas detector from GfG Instrumentation offers 0.1 ppm resolution to comply with the latest TLV requirements. It offers automatic calibration, one-button operation, top-mounted display and interchangeable battery packs for up to 25 hours of continuous operation. 800/959-0329;

  Visual level gauge

The SureSite visual level gauge from Gems Sensors & Controls has easy-to-read colored flags. Housings are available in stainless steel, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, Hastelloy or other materials. Monitored liquid is contained in a pressure-tight housing. The continuous level indication does not require external power. 800/378-1600;

  Data management software

Water Information Management Solution (WIMS) software from Hach Company combines data in a central, secure database, optimizing water operations and providing tools for electronic and paper reporting, analysis and monitoring. Features include monitoring and viewing of historical and real-time data, built-in equations to manage complex calculations, troubleshooting tools, and regulatory and internal reporting templates. 800/227-4224;

  Level transmitter

Flowline EchoPod DL14 level transmitters, distributed by Harrington Industrial Plastics, measure sodium hypochlorite generated to disinfect drinking water. They provide continuous level measurement to the chlorine generation controller. 909/597-8641;

  Online water-quality monitor

The Testomat 2000 online field-measuring instrument from Heyl USA analyzes feedwater hardness and other parameters. If acceptable hardness levels are exceeded, the accompanying Softmaster MMP2 initiates regeneration of a softening unit. Water conductivity can be monitored with an EcoControl EC Dos Desalt, and water is changed as needed. 312/377-6123;

  Multiparameter handheld

The SmarTROLL Multiparameter (MP) handheld and iSitu smartphone app from In-Situ support water-quality spot checks and can be used for surface-water monitoring. Technicians can instantly read results for 14 parameters on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The system includes a compact probe with smart sensors and a clip-on battery pack with Bluetooth. It measures dissolved oxygen (DO), conductivity, ORP, pH, salinity, total dissolved solids, water level, barometric pressure, temperature, and more. 800/446-7488;

  Dual-wavelength photometer

The handheld eXact Micro 20 dual wavelength photometer from Industrial Test Systems performs on-site testing for over 36 direct-read water quality parameters without lookup tables, providing lab-quality accuracy. It features a narrow band wavelength filter for optimal accuracy, long-life LEDs, and a built-in cell for high performance. It incorporates a non-technical testing procedure for fast and easy testing called the EZ-3 Reagent Delivery Method. It ships packaged in a portable carrying case with reagent test strips. 800/861-9712;

  Digital pressure transmitter

The Preciseline from Keller America uses microprocessor technology to provide accurate, thermally compensated outputs for pump control and pressure monitoring with pressure ranges up to 15,000 psi. It offers analog and digital outputs. The output communicates via modified MODBUS protocol. Up to 128 pressure transmitters can be individually addressed and connected via a single bus. 877/253-5537;

  Communications platform

KEPServerEX from Kepware Technologies provides a flexible and scalable solution for connecting, managing, monitoring, and controlling diverse automation devices and software. Communication is managed through a platform that supports an array of proprietary communications protocol. The single-server platform supports more than 150 drivers, providing more than 250 unique protocols. It helps consolidate data and information from various sources in a single platform. 207/775-1660;

  Calibration, maintenance and training program

The LabLite Calibration, Maintenance and Training (CMT) program schedules and tracks calibration and maintenance required on every device in a facility. In addition to scheduled events, it can track emergency repairs and record downtime. The program can add documents and images for each item, record service and warranty information and can track the location and the responsible party. 888/954-5483;

  Sludge blanket level detector

Automatic sludge blanket level detectors from Markland Specialty Engineering help water plants monitor the sludge interface levels of incoming raw water, upflow filter reactors, wastewater, and backwash from sand/membrane filters in clarifiers and gravity settlers. Using high-intensity infrared light beams, they allow users to program de-sludge pumps to operate only when necessary. Sixty-four LED phototransistor sensors running the length of the submerged probe are sequentially scanned to detect the sludge bed and overlying cloud layer. 855/873-7791;

  Alarm-messaging system

The MetroMail alarm-messaging system from Metropolitan Industries provides reliable alarm notification capability. It sends email and text messages based on the status of eight alarm inputs. Users configure the unit on the Web to fit the application. The system can be integrated into any control system, including SCADA, data acquisition systems, flow monitoring equipment and control panels. 815/886-9200;

  Gas detection controller

The TA-2016MB-WM gas detection wall mount controller from Mil-Ram Technology has a 16-channel system (eight-channel available) using the RS-485 Modbus RTU multi-drop detector (sensor) network. An auto-configuration wizard simplifies channel configuration. The device also has continuous diagnostics, an explosion-proof enclosure, and external alarm stations. 510/656-2001;

  Managed SCADA system

The managed SCADA system from Mission Communications helps municipalities manage, operate and maintain collection and distribution systems. Real-time alarms are delivered by voice phone call, text message, email, faxes or pager, and each alarm is logged on the Web portal, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere. 877/993-1911;

  Gas measurement controller

The MX 43 analog and digital controller from Oldham (An Industrial Scientific Company) provides continuous measurement and control of atmospheric gases. It manages digital lines and analog channels, allowing up to 32 detectors to be distributed on eight lines. It is available with programming software compatible with MX 43 controllers already in use. Users can configure parameters on their computer and transfer them to other controllers using a USB cable. 800/338-3287;

  SCADA-enabled control panel

TCOM modular telemetry controllers from Orenco Systems combine the functions of relays, timers and meters in a single device. They can control booster stations, reservoirs and community wells, and can operate as SCADA patches to connect peripheral equipment to an existing SCADA system. They include built-in communication protocols, and color touch screens with built-in programming and real-time data acquisition. 800/348-9843;

  Pulse input rate/totalizer

The PD6830 ProtEx-RTP pulse input rate/totalizer from Precision Digital displays local or remote flow information in hazardous areas and harsh safe areas. Enclosed in an explosion-proof NEMA 4X enclosure, it has SafeTouch through-glass buttons that allow operation without removing the cover. It accepts a wide range of flow transmitter signals, including mV input from magnetic flow meters and high-frequency signals. 508/655-7300;

  Pipe flow monitor

The Flow Pulse compact pipe flow monitor from Pulsar Process Measurement monitors flow rates using a clamp-on sensor outside a pipe. Ultrasound is fired through the pipe wall and reflected from bubbles, particles and vortices at a wide range of frequencies. The reflections are received back into the device for analysis. It operates in a flow range from 1 to 13 feet per second with a minimum particle size of 100 microns and concentration of 200 ppm or above.  850/279-4882;

  Process automation system

The PlantPAx system from Rockwell Automation allows use of devices from many vendors. This includes fully integrating FOUNDATION Fieldbus to any ControlLogix platform through linking devices. The modules provide a direct link from EtherNet/IP or ControlNet to the FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 device level network, enabling seamless data distribution and execution of process control as part of a registered Foundation Fieldbus host system. 414/382-2000;

  Multi-parameter spectrophotometer probe

The i::scan miniature multi-parameter spectrophotometer probe from s::can Measuring Systems uses a light-emitting technology for measurement. Measurement can be done directly in the media, or a bypass installation with a flow cell can be used. It can be powered via battery or solar panel in remote locations. Automatic cleaning is available by compressed air or by an automatic brush. 888/694-3230;

  Chemical scale

The Model 2305 digital single-cylinder eco-scale from Scaletron Industries accurately weighs ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride, liquefied chlorine, sulfur dioxide and other substances. Available in electric and battery versions, it can weigh cylinders up to 10 1/2 inches in diameter and 150 pounds. An optional rechargeable battery pack serves remote locations. The electronics are housed in a NEMA 4X, UL-approved enclosure. 800/257-5911;

  Simplex and duplex control panel

The WS Series advanced simplex and duplex control panel from See Water suits pump applications. It comes standard with pump run, pump fault, high liquid alarm and auxiliary contacts for accessing building management systems. 888/733-9283;

  Chlorine amperometric technology

FCL Series free chlorine sensors from Sensorex  use amperometric measurement to monitor free chlorine in drinking water disinfection and distribution. They provide a fixed temperature compensated 4-20 mA output. They are compliant with USEPA Method 334.0 for online drinking water monitoring. 714/895-4344;

  SCADA software

SmartSCADA from Survalent Technology provides real-time control and data acquisition for utilities with no limits for status points, control points, analog points or communication lines. It includes a SCADA Explorer database editing application and WorldView graphical user interface. Features include rapid polling of RTUs for exceptions, select “before operate” control execution, variable control durations for momentary controls, automatic interleaving of multiple priority messages, scheduled accumulator freezes and polls, time synchronization of the RTUs, and sequence of events data uploading and processing. 905/826-5000;

  Turbidity measurement device

The AMI Turbiwell from SWAN Analytical USA uses an EPA-approved non-contact turbidity measurement method as an alternative method to 180.1. It sends light of an appropriate wavelength through the sample and detects the intensity at 90 degrees from the incident beam, considered the least sensitive to variations in particle size. Readings are from a calibration curve established with Formazin, and expressed in NTU. It is designed for reliability, accuracy, fouling resistance, long life and minimal drift. Verification with the optical prism is simple. 847/229-1290;

  Rain gauge monitor

The RG-32 rain gauge monitor from Telog Instruments monitors the output of any tipping bucket-style rain gauge. It can be configured to call the host computer on any fixed schedule, or whenever a specific level of rainfall has accumulated. It can be configured to call the host application on alarm in response to a major rainfall event. It is powered by a single D lithium battery and is equipped for wireless data transmission. 585/742-3000;

  Remote management device

The Hallett 4-20 mA from UV Pure Technologies remotely monitors potable water systems. It is NCF/ANSI 55 Class A certified, and is suitable where certification is required or accepted. It provides an analog output of UV intensity and net UV transmittance (UVT) and has algorithms that extend its capabilities. 888/407-9997;

  Pre-configured wireless enclosure

Wireless enclosures from Weidmuller use plastic or metal construction with wireless Ethernet modems or radio frequency (RF) transmitters/receivers. The input/output solution can transmit and receive two digital signals and one analog signal over a range of several miles. It is comprised of two pre-assembled plastic enclosures, each containing a power supply, circuit protection, surge protection, antenna, antenna connection cables and terminal blocks. 800/849-9343;

  Wastewater monitor

The IQ Sensor Net 2020 XT from YSI, a Xylem brand, provides continuous monitoring and control of potable water and wastewater treatment. It is a digital multiparameter system for measuring of DO (optical and amperometric), pH, ORP, turbidity, conductivity, TSS, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, potassium, chlorine, phosphate COD, BOD, TOC, SAC, sludge level and temperature. Up to 20 measurements can be connected on each network. Simple plug-and-play connections to replace or add sensors and modules allow customization. The system allows easy integration of existing third-party instruments with mA inputs, enables wireless transmission, provides digital outputs and includes a datalogger. 800/897-4151;

  SCADA with UPS integration

The cloud-based SCADA system from XiO integrates uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that back up critical control systems in pump and lift stations at small water districts, giving users a clear view of battery state and health using a smartphone, tablet or computer. The system allows for periodic testing of sealed lead-acid batteries, generating alarms at user-set battery capacity levels. A backup generator control allows hold-off of generator operation during brief outages. 415/446-9002;

  Streaming current detector

The Streaming Current Detector from Micrometrix measures particle charge and is used for monitoring and controlling coagulant dosage. It responds to changes in raw water quality and helps prevent plant upsets. It can be interfaced with SCADA for process trending and automation. The sensor features a replaceable probe sleeve, which extends sensor life. Benefits include optimized treatment and average coagulant savings of 20 to 30 percent. 770/271-1330;


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