Transmitter Combines Three Energy Data Systems in One

Data Industrial 340 BN/MB Btu energy transmitter from Badger Meter

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The Data Industrial 340 BN/MB Btu energy transmitter from Badger Meter, designed for submetering applications that use BACnet or Modbus communications protocols, combines the benefits of three previous models (340, 340 BN, 340 MB) into one economical and compact unit.

“Previously we had a BACnet version, a Modbus version and a basic pulse version,” says Kevin Symens, sales manager. “Now the end-user can order one device and program it in the field as needed.”

The all-in-one 3.65- by 2.95-inch transmitter has three LEDs to verify flow sensor activity, network link and pulse output. The unit is programmed using Badger Meter Windows-based software. Calibration for flow sensor type, pipe size, communication protocol settings and output scaling can be preselected or entered in the field.

Options include metal or plastic enclosure and DIN rail mounting clips. The transmitter operates on AC or DC power, from 12 to 24 volts.

“Basically, this is an energy calculator/computer,” Symens says. “It receives an input that represents the velocity of flow in a pipe and takes input from two temperature probes that measure the heat transfer. One temperature probe is installed in the supply line and the other in the return line back to the heating or cooling system. The device then computes energy, which can be displayed in units including kBtu, kilowatt hours or watts.”

The flow input can be provided by most Badger Meter sensors and other pulse or sine wave signal flow sensors. Real-time flow rate, flow total, temperatures, energy rate and energy total can be accessed when the unit is connected to a PC or laptop computer via the BACnet or Modbus RS485 connection.

“Typically, where we’re offering this product is in multiple submetering applications or building management systems like SCADA,” Symens says. In wastewater, the system could plug into a standard Modbus controller. The BACnet, Modbus and scaled pulse output make it compatible with virtually any data system in many market applications.

“Instead of just getting flowmeter information or temperature information on the three-wire network, the controller will see several different values, such as flow rate, flow totals, energy rate, energy totals and temperature,” Symens says. The transmitter is similarly compatible with BACnet, MS/TP and Modbus remote thermal unit (RTU) energy management systems. 800/876-3837;


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