FlexRake IQ Screens Increase Safety, Decrease Costs and Minimize Risk in Crookston, Minnesota

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FlexRake IQ Screens Increase Safety, Decrease Costs and Minimize Risk in Crookston, Minnesota

The City of Crookston, Minnesota, treats wastewater for a community of about 8,000 residents. Its pond treatment system uses several pump stations to remove solids from incoming sewage before sending it out for treatment. At one of these pump stations, an aged climbing screen was no longer operational, resulting in more frequent pump plugging that required service calls and even the station manager having to physically enter the channel with a pitchfork to shovel out debris.

Like many Minnesota towns, Crookston is a river community that co-exists with the ebb and flow of water that begins as winter snow. When that snow melts in the spring, it fills the rivers and carries with it rocks and sand, much of which enters Crookston’s antiquated underground sewer lines through inflow and infiltration. Wastewater and its own challenging contents — including flushable wipes, which are very hard on a sewer system — then carries the rocks and sand to the pumping stations, where solids are removed.

Pump Station #3 has an average flow of 0.75 mgd and a peak flow of 2 mgd, and for years it had been dealing with an old screening system that was failing to do its job. Pumps were regularly getting plugged, which resulted in increased calls to a service provider to unplug them. The station manager himself was even climbing into the channel with a pitchfork to remove rocks and rags. Sand and grit were getting into the pumps, causing unnecessary wear and tear.

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