Meet 'Bruce the Water Guy,' an Operator Shining a Light On Treatment

Bruce Royce, wastewater treatment plant manager for Midland, Michigan, shares his expertise and knowledge on YouTube

Meet 'Bruce the Water Guy,' an Operator Shining a Light On Treatment

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As treatment plant operators, you’re all too aware of the importance of educating the public about the critical work you do. That’s why when someone does a good job with public outreach, we like to highlight it at

With a series of simple educational videos, “Bruce the Water Guy” on YouTube is working to promote the wastewater process, improve the reputation of treatment plant operators, and give credit to the people in the industry who are making a difference every day. The man behind the channel is Bruce Royce, wastewater treatment plant manager for Midland, Michigan. 

On the channel, Royce shares his knowledge and expertise with the public, providing insights into the operations of his plant. “I have a fantastic team of operators, mechanics, electricians and sewer cleaners who help to maintain our 9 mgd treatment plant while maintaining over 200 miles of sanitary sewer and 200 miles of storm sewer,” he says on the channel’s description. “We also maintain 43 remote pumping stations that communicate via a radio network to our SCADA system, which we monitor and control the plant with. This is my attempt to educate the public and highlight all the excellent work my crew does for our municipality.”

Royce produces videos with a general audience in mind, meaning they're not exclusively tailored to the Midland area. That means your municipality can use these videos as they are for outreach purposes, or even use them as inspiration to build your own local channel. You can visit Royce's channel here or view the sample video below, which highlights a trickling filter.


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