WEFTEC Report: WesTech Touts Denitrovi Nitrate Removal Process

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At WEFTEC, WesTech Engineering promoted its Denitrovi nitrate-removal solution process for groundwater, offered under an exclusive agreement with Microvi Biotech. The process that actively converts targeted pollutants into harmless byproducts by using biocatalyst technology.

Biocatalysts are engineered polymer-microorganism composites that contain a high density of a single species of natural, nonpathogenic and nongenetically modified microorganisms.

The biocatalysts convert nitrate in water into nitrogen gas through a natural process that leaves no sludge, brine or reject water — only the release of nitrogen gas. The microorganisms remain within the biocatalyst and do not enter the treated liquid.

Applications for the process include drinking water and wastewater treatment. The process delivers efficient nitrate metabolism in a simple process configuration with high resistance to toxic compounds.

There is no growth or filamentous microorganisms that can cause bulking or foaming. The process can withstand long periods without a food source, and it removes the risk of biomass washout during wet-weather events. Systems can be started up in days and maximize the use of existing infrastructure.

The technology is designed for ease of operation with a simple reactor that has few internal components, straightforward control and no complex backwashing or regeneration.

Rapid treatment rates enable smaller tanks and a compact footprint. Biocatalyst performance is nearly unchanged when subjected to upset conditions or dramatic variations in influent quality.

The process has quick startup time, provides high water recovery rates, and requires low energy and chemical inputs. New systems are simple and inexpensive to design, and the process can be retrofitted into existing tanks. The NSF/ANSI 61 certified technology is approved for use in California and is accepted in other states and countries. www.westech-inc.com


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