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Growing as Partners Growing as Partners
St. Charles operators meet the challenges of two major plant upgrades designed to meet population growth demands and protect two famous rivers.
Worth Noting - January 2013 Cleaning Water and Caring for Reptiles Back From the Grave Back From the Grave
Paris Utility District transforms an old treatment plant that had closed into a state-of-the-art facility with innovations including effluent heat recovery.
A Sparkling Legacy A Sparkling Legacy
New York’s Steve Askew takes pride in his plant, in his team’s performance, and in the changes wastewater treatment has helped bring to the city’s waterways.
Projects & Awards Unraveling the Mystery
Here’s why it’s important to understand oxidation-reduction potential — and why an ORP meter can be a potent item in an operator’s toolkit.
Product News - January 2013 Product News - January 2013 Headworks Package Provides Complete Screening and Grit Removal Headworks Package Provides Complete Screening and Grit Removal Process Chemistry and Laboratory Analysis Process Chemistry and Laboratory Analysis In the Swim In the Swim
A Kentucky community turns its old treatment plant into an aquaculture facility in a partnership with a university and a private company.
We Can’t Afford What?
A report shows that utility leaders worry about future funding for water and wastewater systems. On this issue, our society needs to grow up and get with it.
Industry News - January 2013 Industry News - January 2013 New Paradigms for Energy
A WERF research project looks beyond energy efficiency, aiming to begin identifying pathways to energy self-sufficiency for clean-water plants.
Drop-In Deliverance Drop-In Deliverance
A new mixer and reactor save on energy and chemicals at a wastewater treatment lagoon in Indiana.
Gone, But Not Forgotten Gone, But Not Forgotten
A book and lobby exhibit lets employees and the public experience the history of the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District in Denver.
Better Recipe Better Recipe
A new chemical treatment process helps a Florida plant produce Class A biosolids at significantly lower energy and overall operating costs.
Process Chemistry and Laboratory Analysis Process Chemistry and Laboratory Analysis

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Making Great Music Making Great Music
Joe Geary and his team at Lawrence, Mass., met the challenges of a new treatment plant with cross-training, teamwork and consistent ingenuity.
Product News - January 2013 Product News - January 2013 Worth Noting - January 2013 Just For Grown-Ups Just For Grown-Ups
An online Water School helps the Brazos River Authority educate adults about the importance of water quality and conservation.
A Truly Bad Actor A Truly Bad Actor
Hexavalent chromium is known for its negative health and environmental impacts and its extreme toxicity. U.S. EPA rulemaking for this metal is under way.
Fluoridation: A Better Way? Fluoridation: A Better Way?
New skid-mounted fluoride saturator and feed system eliminates solids carryover into pumps, helping to reduce maintenance and downtime.
Watershed Guardians Watershed Guardians
A rigorous water source protection program allows Syracuse to avoid filtration and save millions of dollars annually.
Source Correction Source Correction
Impairment to the watershed that supplies the Bellingham Water Treatment Plant challenges the county, the city and plant operators in delivering high-quality water.
One of a kind One of a kind
A major upgrade that included a rapid clarification process new to Ohio allowed Steubenville plant operators to prove their mettle.
Projects & Awards Potable Tank Mixers Provide Low-Cost Solution Potable Tank Mixers Provide Low-Cost Solution Treatment and Filtration Treatment and Filtration Higher Frequency — and a New Channel
Responding to readers’ warm welcome, WSO upgrades to a monthly publication. We’re also offering exclusive online articles with information to help you excel.
Industry news - January 2013 Industry news - January 2013 Treatment and Filtration Treatment and Filtration An Adsorbing Story An Adsorbing Story
Granular activated carbon helps a California water district increase treatment flexibility, resolve seasonal taste and odor issues, and comply with Stage 2 DBPR.