Electro-Chemical Devices S80-T80 cyanide analyzer monitoring system

The S80-T80 cyanide analyzer monitoring system from Electro-Chemical Devices features an S80 pION cyanide sensor and a dual-channel T80 transmitter for a more cost-effective cyanide removal water treatment system. The S80’s CN ion electrode is a combination electrode with a silver cyanide/silver sulfide solid-state pressed crystal-sensing element and a double junction reference electrode. The CN ion selective electrode cartridge develops a millivolt potential proportional to the concentration of free CN ions in the measured solution. The typical output is 54 to 60 mV per decade of change in concentration. The speed of sensor response varies from a few seconds in concentrated solutions up to a few minutes in the lower parts-per-million ranges. 800-729-1333; www.ecdi.com


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