Asset Management - Smith & Loveless OPTIFLOW 270

The OPTIFLOW 270 Baffle System from Smith & Loveless addresses the numerous 270-degree vortex grit chambers that are installed throughout North America and elsewhere. It is a simple retrofit baffle system that allows 270-degree grit systems to achieve improved removal efficiencies. Vortex grit removal systems designed to meet previous standards can be upgraded to remove 95 percent of grit down to 150 microns with the retrofit. The baffle system achieves improved efficiencies by directing the flow toward the hopper for an additional pass along the chamber floor, reducing the weir effect at the outlet and ensuring ideal velocities at all times. The retrofit system is available not only for flat-floor vortex grit chambers, but also as a conversion system for sloped and cone-shaped grit chambers. It can be installed for new systems requiring 270-degree layouts. 800-898-9122;


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